I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake…

cake 002


My friend Robin, who is also a photographer, turned me on, quite some time ago, to a blog site that I visit daily.  It’s my favorite blog of all time (with the exception of my husband’s blog, but he never writes anything in his). 


Many of you have probably heard of my fav, The Pioneer Woman.  Ree, the author, is funny, creative and just plain entertaining.  She inspired me, honestly, to start my own, just-for-fun, blog. 


She has way too many followers to bother with me, but she makes me feel like I’m her friend.  I comment, often on her blog posts, whether it’s delving into the topic of cooking, photography, or life on the ranch.   I think I’m funny.  Though, I’m not convinced she does.


You see, I think we were separated at birth, she and I.  She says in her mini-bio that she channels Lucille Ball and Ethel Mermann…. Well, you have no idea how MUCH I love Lucy and, if you’ve ever been around me in one of my more vulnerable moments, you’ve heard me do a mean Ethel (and, sometimes Sponge Bob) impersonation.


Ethel and Sponge Bob resemble each other in sound and technique.


Here are some of the other eerie and uncanny similarities:

  • She loves the city, but lives on a working cattle ranch.  I grew up on a working cattle ranch, and now live in the city.  Weird, huh?
  • She used to be a dancer.  I used to be a dancer!  (Not true….  Although, I think I am, in my mind.  Often.)
  • She loves photography.  I love photography.
  • She calls her children Punks.  I’ve called my children lots of names.   (not really!!  But, I do call my kids Punk–and did before I met Pioneer Woman.)
  • She loves to cook food.  I love to eat food.
  • Her hair is red.  Mine is brown.
  • She’s skinny.  I am not.


And those are just a few of the similarities, but I won’t waste your time or mine listing them all.  They’re endless…really.


 I wrote her an email, once.  She never responded.  I think she may think I’m stalking her. 




Last night, I made a cake.  And, this is where the similarities with The Pioneer Woman end. 



cake 002



(She would NEVER store her cake on a plastic cake plate from the dollar store, I’m sure of it.)


You see, when she posts a story of how she cooked something, she takes pictures all the way through the process.  Her pictures are clear and concise; they help the visiting cook know exactly what steps he or she should take to create a meal fit for a king.  Or a hungry cattle rancher, in her case.


I didn’t take pictures throughout the process of baking my cake.  I forgot. 


But, I did remember to take some pictures after the fact!   I wanted to show you…and my blogging hero… just how much she’s taught me over the years.  And, I just knew you, my new faithful readers, would want to see how delicious and beautiful my cake was.



Backyard Ballistics and Lemon Cake 072


Pretty, huh?   Don’t answer that.


When Ree posts in her cooking section, you catch a glimpse into her kitchen; it’s wonderful, clean, and she always has exactly the right tool she needs to create fabulous food items.


I long to have the proper tools to create meals my family would enjoy….  I know that is the very reason they won’t eat my cooking…the tools, or lack thereof.


Backyard Ballistics and Lemon Cake 078


Please note, the bowl I chose to mix my cake in is multi-purposed!  You can also make Green Bean Casserole in it.  Cool, huh?  The recipe is printed right there on the bottom!  (And, I’ve actually made Green Bean Casserole in it before…. Only, I didn’t do so well, because it was hard to see the recipe once I poured the soup in…. Probably best I didn’t take pictures of that, either.)


Pioneer Woman also has the prettiest serving platters and plates.  She’s even been known to hold contests to give some of them away. 


So, I pulled out my very best china for this blog post. 



Backyard Ballistics and Lemon Cake 068



I’ll be holding a contest, soon, I promise.



Here’s the first piece….



Backyard Ballistics and Lemon Cake 069



Doesn’t it just scream…um…uh….  Well, I’ll figure out what it screams in a second. 



It’s lemon.  Lemon cake.  And, because I didn’t have a serving platter for a 9×13 inch cake, I cut the cake in half and made it a layer cake!   (I had to shave off the top of the cake to make it flat enough to layer.  You see, I also watch Ace of Cakes on tv, and I’ve learned a lot about cake baking from them, too.) 



Backyard Ballistics and Lemon Cake 090



 Finally, I iced it with cream cheese frosting. 





cake 004



Sort of.



There’s one last difference between me and The Pioneer Woman…. 




Backyard Ballistics and Lemon Cake 097












I think I shall go eat some cake.




  1. Andrea

    You make me laugh just like she does!!!! Although I don’t think C would lok quite the same in chaps as Marlboro Man. No offense C, but that man works cattle all day everyday, and I saw you struggle with those hay bales last Christmas.

  2. Blondie

    Found you by way of Ree’s site in the “Cakewrecks” post.


    And I love your lemon cake. It made my mouth water and now I must have lemon cake!

    Yep. You and Ree are like two peas in a pod. 🙂

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I take that as a great compliment! I just love Ree’s blog, and now I have added Cakewrecks to the list!
      So glad you stopped by! Please visit again!

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