More Barbecue….

I apologize.  I know this is the second post on barbecue (see my previous post “Que or Cue?” below), but you must understand, my life was changed recently.   I am no longer the same woman.  All because of North Carolina barbecue.  Seriously. 


Okay.  I realize I am one sad little woman for the above statements, but I just can’t help it!  It was that good!  And, I’m just telling you right now, there will be a gathering at my house that will include North Carolina-style barbecue.  And, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be invited. 


And if you are included on the guest list, your life will be changed for good, as well.


But before that happens, you must be schooled more in North Carolina barbecue….


Not really.  I won’t do that to you again.  But, I will show you another fantastic barbecue joint that you must visit, if ever in the triad area of NC. 


NC bbq Lex '09 096 blogcopy


We made a special trip to Lexington Barbecue #1 for the express purpose of trying their ‘cue.  Lexington Barbecue #1 is in…um…Lexington (NC).  10 Hwy 29-70 South, to be exact.  (…about two hours west of Raleigh, and about an hour NE of Charlotte.)

 NC bbq '09 087 blogcopy


Once again, it is pork, not beef.  And, once again, they have vinegar-based cole slaw and sauce, not mayo or tomato-based like Texas  beef barbecue.


Lexington Barbecue #1’s sauce is a little bit thicker than Kepley’s in High Point.  But, Lexington doesn’t make their own, like Kepley’s, so they lose a point or two in my book for that.


NC bbq '09 088 blogcopy


Their slaw also had a slight red tint, but not as much as Kepley’s.


Lexington BBQ #1’s slaw:


NC bbq '09 090 blogcopy



As you can see, I had already inhaled half of my slaw before I took that photo. 


And, Kepley’s:



Kepleys bbq 044 blogcopy


Both equally delish.


But, what truly stole the show at both restaurants…



NC bbq '09 091 blogcopy


The pups. 


Hush, that is.


Be still my beating heart.


NC bbq '09 089 blogcopy


They’re North Carolina’s equivilant to Texas’ chips and salsa.  I could have sat right there, at either restaurant, and majored in the hush puppies. 


I cannot begin to tell you how good they were.  And, again, they are not like the hush puppies I grew up on.  We had them on the ranch with the occasional fish fry, which might have included mountain oysters (calf fries, or calf nuts, or even as a friend mistakenly used to call them, “cow balls.”  …FYI, for you city dwellers, cows do not have those….), possibly a frog leg or two, and sometimes dove or quail.  The hush puppies I ate then, and now, were and are usually walnut-sized, or larger, balls; not oblong,  like a fingerling potatoes.  I’m sure the recipes are very similar, but I’m here to tell you, you will not find a better hush puppy than in North Carolina! 


(I will say this, if you are ever in Texas, driving on I-35 between Waco and Austin, and you have a hankering for a good hush puppy, and you can’t drive to North Carolina to Kepley’s or Lexington BBQ #1, stop at the Stage Coach Inn in Salado.  The puppies are long and skinny, and you get to dip or smear them into real butter.  I’m hungry just thinking about them.)


When they’re shaped in a ball, there’s always the chance that the center will be mushy, and/or the outside burned. 


Also, at Lexington, the hush puppies were a little more savory, whereas, at Kepley’s they were a tad sweet.  Either way, they were incredible.  You honestly could have shot me right then and there and I would have died a happy woman.


And, as if the pork, slaw and mouth-watering hush puppies weren’t enough, we had to take it over the top, yet again…


NC bbq '09 092 blogcopy


Homemade peach cobbler.   


Lord, have mercy on me.


Needless to say, I am now 5 tons heavier than when I left for North Carolina.


I should have run home.




One comment

  1. Sandy

    Hello, i am a first time visitor from s. carolina. i was watching on the cooking shows that N. carolina has two different types of barbeque – the barbeque on one half of the state is the original smoked b-b-q and on the other half of the state is the vinegar based b-b-q. i’m assuming this is true? i saw it on one of bobby flays throwdown.
    also it would be great if you could maybe list where lexinton is in relation to the bigger cities, maybe for example: lexington is so many miles from such and such a city, a big city, that we could relate too. (raleigh, ashville, etc.)
    gotta love the carolina’s no matter what bbq sauce they serve.
    just keepin it real !

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