This just explains it all…



I’m sorry.  Just being silly, today.


Happy Saturday,




  1. Cheryl (Geltmeier) Pellett

    That’s funny. I was just going through photos and pulled out photos of you in high school. Those were the days.

    Also, just a tidbit of information. We named our daughter Elizabeth. You made such a positive impact on my life throughout high school. You were always positive and willing to listen and we so caring. I know we weren’t close friends or anything but you were always there.

    So we named our daughter Elizabeth after you. I’m hoping she grows up someday to have some of the same traits and love for life that you exhibited.

    Thanks Elizabeth!!

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Cheryl, that is just about the kindest thing I think anyone has ever said to me. What an honor.
      (I am hoping to get back for Homecoming….I would love to see you again, and meet your daughter!)
      I will now go to bed the happiest woman in world! You’ve made my day!

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