Gleefully happy….




Have you seen the new show Glee





This is not an official recommendation for you to watch it, but I must admit, it might become one of my favorites this Fall before it’s all said and done (especially if I have to wait much longer for Grey’s Anatomy and American Idol to start up again).


But, the jury is still out.  I may just end up being content with So You Think You Can Dance and be done with it.


Glee is set in a high school and is about, you guessed it, a glee club.   This, of course, translates into a lot of singing and dancing on the show, which I like.   (Because, if there had been a glee club in my high school, I would have joined it.  I can’t sing or dance, but I still would have tried.  …In my fantasy world, I’m the female version of Donald O’Connor–and, if you don’t know who he is, then you need to watch a few musicals and get with the program!!)


My favorite character on Glee, hands down, is the Cheerleading Coach, played by Jane Lynch.  (I first saw her in some of  the fantasticly odd and quirky movies by Christopher Guest:  Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and Mighty Wind.)  She calls the cheerleaders, “Cheerios,” she’s highly competitive, and she loves being in the press.  She’s wickedly mean and nasty.  And, so much fun to watch….


Anyway, none of this amounts to a hill of beans if you have no intention of watching the show.  So, if you are one of those people who has no desire to see it, then I guess you can go find something far more interesting to do than read this silly little blog.  If you need any ideas, I’ve got a dog that needs bathing, or clothes to be washed and folded, or, you could do one of those all-day cooking thingys and put a bunch of casseroles in my freezer for my family.  


Anyway, the other day I stumbled upon these:






They’re magnets.  They were being given away, so I took one of each.  I love them! 


They crack me up.


Which motto fits you best?


The Glee Club teacher:






His wife:






The school counselor, who has a crush on the Glee Club teacher, and is a little shy of germs:






Finn, the football player, who is dating the head Cheerio…all he really wants to do is sing and dance:






Puck, the other football player, who doesn’t want to sing and dance…at all:






Here’s a Glee club member, Tina:






Another Glee club member:





And another:





I like this one:






And, finally, my favorite, the Cheerleading Coach:






Right now, these puppies adorn my refrigerator where once my children’s artwork was lovingly displayed. 






My husband has strongly, yet kindly, advised me to remove the magnets….  He suggested I put the artwork back up. 



I guess he has a soft spot for our crying children….



You will be seeing these magnets again, because they make me laugh.




P.S. Those of you who are more astute noticed two of the main characters are missing.  It wasn’t until I was posting the pictures that I realized they were not there.  I am hoping to edit this post in the next day or two with the addition of Rachel, the main female singer, and Quinn, the head Cheerio.  So check back soon to see if I found them.


One comment

  1. Missy

    I can’t believe I missed this show. I was looking forward to it. Maybe I can watch it back online.

    I love the magnets. They give your fridge a clean streamlined look that children’s artwork cannot. My favorite one is the cheerleading coach. I love that actress in everything I’ve seen her in.

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