We have had very little rain this summer. 


And even though we’ve had very little rain, we refuse to water our backyard, because  a) it’s in the back where no one sees it, and  b) it costs too much.  Therefore, our yard is dying. 


'shrooms3 blogcopy



Usually, we get quite a bit of rain in June which carries us through the summer.  This summer, though, we just haven’t had our regular rainfall.  (But, I’m not going to complain too much, because with the rain comes mosquitoes the size of small animals–my oldest son and I have been known to refer to them as “squirrelitoes.”)


Last week, though, we actually got some rain!  It was a very welcome relief.   And, it was just enough to green things up again.



grass blogcopy



So, about two days after the rain, I went out in the backyard and noticed these:



shrooms1 blogcopy



They were cute little boogers!  And, there were only a few here and there, mainly along the edge of our porch.


  'shroom2 blogcopy



Another two days go by before I venture into the backyard again.   And, lo and behold, an entire city of ‘shrooms had sprung up!



shrooms8 blogcopy



They were much larger than the original ones and I really did think it looked like a little mushroom city.


Little mushroom cabanas on a grassy beach….



shrooms9 blogcopy



It wasn’t until I got a little lower and a little closer that I noticed something odd and out of place…



shrooms4 blogcopy



What in the world?



Could it be? 



Could we really be hosting a little colony of…



shrooms5 blogcopy





…I think I shall name them Cheech and Chong.





  1. Heather

    I just about spit my coffee all over the place laughing! That was just too funny!
    Last month I posted my own Gnome Story on our family blog! I will have to show Ashley this post because she hates Gnomes!

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