Wild at heart….

I have three boys. 


One by marriage, two by birth. 


I live in boy-world most of my days.  And, to be completely honest, I like it.  I often think if I had had girls, I really wouldn’t know what to do with them.  Even though I am a girl, they are somewhat foreign to me.  I don’t know quite what to do with all the angst and drama and princess pink that comes with having girls. 


So, I guess I was made to have boys.  Stinky ol’ boys.  Boys, who grow up just to leave their mothers and then cleave to another woman…a woman who will never, ever be as wonderful as their momma…. 


I’m just sayin’….



(Of course, in my case, my mother-in-law thinks I hung the moon….riiiight, Nana??!)



But, what I’ve learned over the years of living with boys, is that they are nothing like girls.  Nothing.  Shocker, right?



They like dirt….



muddyboot blogcopy



They like going fast….



J4wheel blogcopy




Even my baby is all boy and I just knew I would be able to keep at home, safe, forever.  Unfortunately, he looks up to his older brother, so he likes to try the same things, only at an earlier age….




Bclsup24whlr blogcopy






Have you ever heard of, or read, the book, “Wild at Heart,” by John Eldredge?






It’s a book about men, for men.  But, I’m here to tell you, it’s a pretty good read for women, as well, especially if you have boys.  Some of the book, as with most books (and blogs), you can take it with a grain of salt, but overall, I really liked it.  It helped clarify for me some of the differences between boys and girls…why boys do what they do.   


Finally, it made sense why I was the only one in the house doing things the right way…. 






Eldredge says there is something wild in every man’s heart. 


He believes God created men with three important aspects wired into their personality.


First, according to John E., men have a desire to protect and defend.  Second, he says men have a proclivity to rescue a beauty.  (He does not imply that all women are damsels in distress, don’t worry!)






And, lastly, Eldredge talks about a man’s need for adventure; it’s in their DNA.







I don’t know about the boys in your life, but in mine, adventure is definitely a driving force.  In fact, the latest distraction in my boys’ lives is 4-wheeling….   Oh. Joy. 


My oldest off-spring had been begging me to go with him the next time he planned to go riding his quad;   A) so I could watch his “beastly-ness,” and,  B) so I could take pictures of him being “beastly.”



A weekend or so back, I finally tagged along  …with much trepidation.



4wheelertrailer blogcopy



As with most situations where I am dragged along to watch the boys do risky things, I actually find, often, that I enjoy myself.  I liked watching them.  Maybe I liked it because it was a fairly controlled environment and because they were wearing helmets and protective gear.  Who knows?  



bhlmet4whlr blogcopy



ThrillCam is very good about making sure the boys are safe.



jhelmt4whlr blogcopy



It made this momma feel a little better about what they were there to do.



jglov4whlr blogcopy



But, then my oldest started doing this…



JJmp24whlr blogcopy



And, then this….



Jjmp4whlr blogcopy



And, before long, my youngest was doing the same, but, thankfully, on a smaller scale.



Bjmp4whlr blogcopy



I realized in the end, I was happy, because they were happy.  They really were enjoying themselves.


John E. says this:




I don’t like it, John Eldredge.  I don’t like it at all.



But, they are boys.  It’s who they are…. 



 Bfistpmp blogcopy



It’s how they’re made.






Jclsup4whlr blogcopy



 And, they are very, very fierce.





  1. Tammie

    I was so fortunate as to have three boys before God decided to see just what I am capable of by giving me that sweet little diva.

    Don’t ya love watching them be daring? Makes me a bit nervous, but , oh-so proud.

    I love the blog.


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