The Eyes Have It…

I crack myself up.  The “eyes” have it….  (snort)


Enough of that.


I have had this little project rolling around in my head for a few weeks now, and I’m finally to the point of posting a few of the photographs. 


I was thinking how fun it would be to do close-ups of friends’  and family members’ eyes.  (And, no, for those of you who read P.W.’s site, I promise I didn’t copy her!  I had already been taking photographs in preparation for this post before she posted the pictures of her youngest punk’s gorgeous eyes.)


It has been fun, but I realized early on I needed to have a couple breath mints handy, as I’m getting pretty darn close to my subjects….   (In the following shots, I used my 50mm lens, which forces me to get really close.)


So, without any further ado, here is the first installation of eyes:




cameroneyes2 010 blogcopy


He has really pretty blue eyes. 


Cameroneyes 011 blogcopy


He tolerated me doing this little project.  He’s good like that.


Next is my dear college friend, Robin.  She was not happy about me taking this closeup, but I couldn’t help it.  She was on the phone, so she couldn’t stop me.  hehehe.  She’s a hip, earthy photographer.  I love her work. 


Robin has a hippy vibe going on about her.  But, that’s Robin, hippy-vibe-ish.  (That’s not a word, vibe-ish, is it?)  If I were to pick a canine catagory in which to place, she’d be a Golden Retriever…happy, big-hearted, and loyal as the day is long.  (Sidenote: She and her husband recently adopted two precious little girls from Africa.)


I think Robin’s adorable, even after all these years.



Robin 698 blogcopy



Kyle is next.  He was living with us for a number of months.  We loved having him as a roommate and count him as a friend. 



Kyleseyes 004 blogcopy


He’s a musician.  So, I decided to try a little arty/edgy-look for him:



kyleseyesovrexpsd 001 blogcopy


I didn’t do this with Photoshop; I overexposed the shot while shooting in Manual.  Kinda cool, huh?

(You should check out his music:


Check out my youngest:



Benjamineyes022 blogcopy


The stinker above will get his own post in the very near future.  While ThrillCam and my oldest tolerated my little photography project, this one embraced it.  He’s a nut.


My oldest:



 jacobeyes 012 blogcopy



He won’t like this picture, because it’s funky with a little higher contrast and odd green tint.  He’s not into funky, odd green, or high contrast.  He’s my first-born.  That’s says it all.


Neither one of my boys inherited their daddy’s blue eyes, but that’s actually a good thing. (The blue eyes in his family are cursed–not the people, just the eyes.)   I think both boys have the most handsome green eyes around.


Oh!  I can’t forget this guy:



Beareyes 026 blogcopy



I’m sure Bear will star in his own blog post one day, as well, beings as he thinks he’s one of the human members of our family….



I’ll have more eyes, soon.  I’m trying out different lenses, for different effects. 



Now, go grab your camera and snuggle up to some friends and family; take closeups of their eyes.  See what you come up with.  It’s fun. I promise!



But, don’t forget the breath mints!





  1. Kathleen Kelley Hemauer

    I LOVE this project!! Very cool and what unique photos your children will have when those same eyes come shining through older, more wrinkled skin. I have always had a fascination with faces and eyes in particular. Something about them and the changes they make as they age is just very interesting. You should get someone to take the same kind of shots of you then put them together for a rather unique “family picture” 🙂

    Great job!

  2. Robin Dodd

    I feel so happy to be included in this project. Thanks for the photoshop of my eyebag!! LOL! I had so much fun laughing with you as you are my most favorite laugher…

  3. Renee

    I love pictures of eyes. They just tell so much. I’ve tried taking eye pictures with my camera but, it never quite works the way I want it to. I either have to macro and tell my muse not to breathe, or they get blasted with light (even with the flash off). Saving up for a good SLR because I’ve out grown the point and shoot.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Thanks, Renee! I’m glad you like the pictures! I’m so glad you stopped by!
      Since I don’t know how advanced your point and shoot is, it may be a little harder for me to advise. But, if you can change your settings in your camera (ISO and out of Program), you’ll probably find you’ll have better luck. In fact, one thing you could try is switching the dial to Portrait (the face icon), which will lessen the harshness of the flash.
      But, if you can switch to Manual, you’ll have even more control over your exposure, and, you can bump up your ISO to 200 or 400, depending on where you are shooting. (I rarely use my flash and love natural lighting!)
      For more information about exposure (and shooting in Manual), a GREAT book is

        Understanding Exposure

      by Bryan Peterson.
      I know that is terribly brief and sketchy…. Hopefully, it will help get you pointed in the right direction.

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