Windows To The Soul…

 This little project of mine has really taken on a life of its own….  




Truly, everyone’s been a good sport about me getting in their personal space…for the most part.



 More eyes 036



Once they remembered, though, that they could trust me, they were happy to oblige me.   (Of course, it didn’t hurt that I promised I would remove any and all stray hairs, dark circles and/or bags, then slipped them each a $20.)



But, honestly, I’ve felt the best pictures are the ones that show a wrinkle or two.  I think these ladies are beautiful as is, without the magic of Photoshop.



 I mean, really.  Look at these baby blues:



juneMore eyes 033 blogcopy



 Captivating.  Intense.  Fun. 




Junebug is absolutely one of my most favorite people in the world.  




I’ve always said she would be the first person I would call if I were ever thrown in jail.  She wouldn’t bail me out, though; she’d bring the cake…. 




She makes me laugh, so much.  I love her!




 JuneMore eyes 032 blogcopy




Rhonda is another favorite of mine.  She has A-MAZING, big brown eyes.  




Take a gander:




RhondaMore eyes 011 blogcopy




 Smart.  Warm.  Comforting.




And look who inherited Rhonda’s dreamy peepers:




GraysenMore eyes 024 blogcopy



Could you just die?  



Check out Kris:




More eyes 015




How ’bout that headlight?   Wow.  She sports some crazy-pretty blue eyes. 





KrisMore eyes 007 blogcopy



Okay.  She’s also a favorite of mine….  She introduced me to Chili’s chips and salsa with a side of ranch.  (sigh. yum.)



Is it wrong to have so many favorites?


More to come,




  1. foregarts

    I am definitely partial to two of those…my third saw them and said “Where’s mine?” I guess she needs to see you!

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