Look What I Woke Up To…

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I stepped out this morning, to watch my youngest walk to the bus stop, and I took just a moment to look around me.  



To notice…



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We’ve had some rain, lately, so life is beginning to show itself again; things are blooming, as if it’s Spring–life is no longer hiding from the heat and dryness.



So, imagine my surprise to see this little fella munching away at my plant….  It’s October, for goodness sake, not April! 








I thought it odd to see a soon-to-be Monarch butterfly this time of year.  So, I began looking around the plant to see if there were any more caterpillars….  And, to my great pleasure, I spotted his buddy a few stems over.




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 Look at his cute little socked feet.    He looks like he’s wearing spats on his shoes!  Love that!



Before I knew it,  I was seeing multiple rollie-pollie, fat caterpillars. 




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It was a herd of caterpillars!  Or a pod.  Or litter.  Maybe a comfort?  A murder?  A bushel? 



A seething.



How ’bout a quiver of caterpillars?




Well, hello, Mr. Caterpillar!  Sorry for the interuption.  May I take your picture?  Really, it’s a small request, since you are eating ALL the leaves off my pretty plant–the only plant actually still living after our very hot and dry summer. 



Thanks for posing!



181 blogcopy



 Is that a smile I see?  How cute!




Oh.  By the way, what do you call yourselves, if there’s more than one of you?  A gaggle?  A bunch? 



How about a plump?  THAT would be fitting since you’re eating all those leaves!




181 blogcopy copy2 


Oh. Sorry.



I’ve sort of fancied myself to be a butterfly lover and harvester (??), but I honestly have not gone to the effort to plant all the plants needed for a butterfly garden.  So, really, I’m just a butterfly-wishful-thinker…. The plant they are chewing on was supposed to be the starter when we moved into this house; I was hoping to add many more plants to my garden. 



It’s been two years and this is it so far.  I guess I better get on the stick and get these guys some new plants to eat!!  They’ve just about stripped it bare.




But, honestly, I don’t care.  I’m just thrilled they are here!




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Stop to smell the roses, today–you might just spot something unexpected and delightful!



P.S.  A group of caterpillars is the same as ants: an army.



  1. junebug! most fitting for this post

    most talented photographer & writer! i LOVE looking at your pics & reading your stories! you make me smile friend! oh! & love the eye shots! and the comment about bringing you a cake in jail…you know it will be the BEST store bought cake there is 🙂 now off for some botox! i love ya!!

  2. The Beggs Family

    We just had a school assignment to find out the names of different groups of animals so I cracked up when you started listing some of them: murder, gaggle, school, etc.

    I like seeing and hearing the glimpses into your world, Elizabeth, and it is fun to see that, even with passing years and life changes, you are much the same. I would choose you again as a friend 🙂


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