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It was Friday.  Game night. 


So, while on the sidelines of our local high school’s football game, I heard my name being called from the stands.  It was a new friend, Kim.   We met last year, when my oldest son started playing baseball for the high school.  Her son is a Senior who starts and catches on the Varsity team.  Whenever I see Kim, she’s always got a smile on her face and friendly hello.  (Sidenote: Kim and her family knew contestants on this past season’s America’s Got Talent!!  Pretty cool, huh?)



Hold on… Let me set the stage for my encounter with Kim:



A cold front (“cool” front, more like it) was predicted to move through our area at any time during the day.  We all knew it was going to rain and be messy, we just didn’t know exactly when it would hit.  It, of course, ended up moving through at precisely kick-off time. 



Brazoswoodrain 742 blogcopy



What made it worse was the fact that this was our Homecoming, or as we call it, our Newcoming.  (See, we have our very first class of Seniors this year, so once they graduate this Spring, we will begin the tradition of Homecoming.) 



So, there it was, our Newcoming game, and the rain was reeking havoc on the girls’ humongous mums and pretty hairdos….  (I took pictures of some of the girls, but that would unkind to post drippy pictures of them.)  It was yucky weather to be out in.



I continued to take action shots during the game for just about as long as my gear and I could stand it.  So, after half-time, I walked out to my car to put away my camera; I figured I could get equally as wet, without ruining my gear, sitting with my husband and other friends in the stands.



 C@TSBrazoswood 158 blogcopy



(The above photo is really not indicative of how miserable the weather was…. this shot is from a previous week, when it was just drizzling and not windy and cold.  But, it is indicative of the motley crew I choose to be seen with.)



…FINALLY, to the point of this scattered and long-winded story:     (It’s a wonder you even return to read this drivel!) 



Kim, who is completely covered up by her stylish green rain poncho, yells, over the crowd noise, the blaring band, and non-stop rain, “You need my eye?” 



“Say what, Kim?”



“You need my eye?  My eye!!  You know, for your blog?!   …That series of blog posts that is apparently going to go on and on and on and on?  The blog posts that will force people like me to stop reading your blog because we are bored with eyes??  Remember?  Helllloooo???”    

(okay…so she didn’t say ALL of that…)



“Oh, Kim….” (disappointment….) “I JUST put my camera away!”  (then…)  “WAIT!”    (Idea!!  Elizabeth quickly grabs phone from pocket.)



Kim starts laughing, saying, “I was joking, Elizabeth!  Really!  …Are you honestly going to take a picture of my eye??”








And, so the eye posts continue….



Thanks, Kim!  (You’re a doll!)




  1. Bev

    Ha! Now we’re all famous!

    See ya at the game tonight! I hear there is yet ANOTHER cold/rainy front coming in. Come sit with us!

    Go Chargers! Beat Creek!

  2. Kim

    Love it! Might want to keep your “eye-phone” handy tonight as another cool front is coming thru and I guess you never know! 😀

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