Jeepers, Creepers…

Will it ever end??  I just can’t get enough of this photography project I’ve launched into!  I am fascinated with eyeballs, I’m tellin’ you! 


Okay, so this kid makes me laugh.



Benjamineyes022 blogcopy



Quite often.



I told you in an earlier post that my husband and oldest hooligan were just tolerant, if that, of my eyeball project.  That same day, I asked the young’un if I could snap a few pictures of his eyes. 



At first, he just stood there and looked off into the distance.  He was stiff and unexpressive.



benjamineyes 019 blogcopy



Then, after he asked me why in the world was I forcing him to do this, I told him it was a) a little photography project I had assigned myself, b) it would probably be a post on my blog, c) if he didn’t help me out, he would go to bed without supper for the next three weeks.  



(just kidding about the a and b parts….)



Actually, he’s my baby–he loves attention.  He’s game for just about anything if it means he can grab the spotlight.



 So, needless to say, he went to town on the eye thing….




benjamineyes 020 blogcopy




Suddenly, he was giving me some rather unique expressions….




Benjamineyes 021 blogcopy




He’s really pretty goofy…




Benjamin 024 blogcopy




 Just when I thought I was done with all the silliness, along comes a neighbor’s son….  He, too, makes me laugh. 



My neighbor’s son asked, “Whatcha doin?”  I replied, “Takin’ eye pictures.”   “Okay,” he says.   And then he just stands there, waiting, looking at me.



Another willing subject!



 treyseyes blogcopy




Sadly, one of his eyes had the very recent misfortunate of running smack-dab into a speeding golfball….  Ouch.




treyseyes160 blogcopy




It didn’t slow him down one bit. 



 Treysblkeye blogcopy




If any Hollywood talent agents are reading this and are in need of some new blood, I know where to look.



Have a great day,




  1. Marcy Smith

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the eye pics! Will ThrillCam and your oldest please participate? Then pass the camera and let’s see some of you!

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