I want to apologize right now. 



I’m sorry. 



The following image is not pretty. 



But, I think it conveys how so many of my friends are feeling right now. 




cowpoo blogcopy



Like poo.



I have two friends whose marriages are very solidly in the danger zone, one dear family member whose reputation has been smeared un-rightfully so, more than one friend who is struggling financially, one friend whose niece is depressed to the point of attempting to take her life, two friends who were laid off and are still looking for a job after many weeks of seeking, one who just admitted to struggling with an addiction, one friend who just said he’ll probably have to change jobs because the one he has is no longer supporting him, a friend whose father just passed away, one whose cat died after 19 years of companionship…. The list goes on and on.



They each have every right to feel like poo. 



I am merely their friend, and in some cases, not their very closest, but they each confided in me and asked me to pray for their individual situations.  I have been and I will continue to, because I care so much for them and I believe with everything in me that prayer makes a difference.  And in some cases, it’s the only thing I can do.



I am confident that in the end good will come.  I also believe that the plan is known and is being revealed, albeit excruciatingly slow in some cases.  And I know that there can be peace that passes all understanding.  I am asking for each of these things for every single one of my friends who is hurting, worried, sad, confused, crying, striving, stumbling, stretching, seeking…trying.



I guess, though, I just want them to know it’s okay to feel like poo. 



Sometimes circumstances call for it.



Hang in there.



I love you,




  1. Kim

    If sometimes you don’t feel like poo, you can’t appreciate the times that are not poo-ful. Those times are just “blah” to some people. But if you’ve been through the poo times, the “blah” times are good times. Make sense? It certainly is all relative…

    It was kindof like the wreck that my son was in Sunday evening. The parents of the other child involved were so upset and angry at the child for the wreck. But, I was celebrating! These kids were walking around and talking to us! That was a cause for celebration.

    You see, I have lost a child to a car wreck. That was a poo time. That was probably even considered a full-out sh*tty time. But since I had been through that, I could celebrate the fact that this kiddo was ok…and it was a miracle that he was. And, if I had never been through that other event, I might have been as cynical and ugly as the other parents.

    So, I understand that God puts us in every situation for a reason. We may not understand why at that moment, but it makes us who we are….

    Thanks for this post, Elizabeth…it was timely for me!

  2. Debbie

    Thanks for your post. I am definitely in a “poo” time as you well know. I appreciate your continued care, concern, and prayers. I know it is in God’s hands and am just trying to remember that daily.

  3. Kathleen Kelley Hemauer

    You know Elizabeth, I didn’t know you very long in college but you always struck me as someone with a very beautiful soul. Testimony to the strength of that beauty is that it even comes out in a picture of poo 😉

  4. Angela Chmylak

    This was so right-on with how we are feeling. Thanks for always being a faithful prayer warrior.

    Okay, I see another example of where your youngest gets his personality. I honestly thought your son and my son would be the only two people that would take a picture of poo…guess not!

    Luv you!

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