Dirt. (Let the men in your life read this one…they might just like it, oddly enough.)

Remember me saying one of the glaring differences between boys and girls is the fact that most boys like dirt? 



Well, I have more proof.



 Muddy 4-wheelers (8) blogcopy



They did it again.  They went out on their four-wheelers, this time in the mud.



Muddy 4-wheelers (9) blogcopy



I did not go with them.  Didn’t want to.  Knew it would be muddy.  And cold.  And wet.  (We don’t have many days like this, but in this case, it was just a nasty day following a lot of rainfall and a cool front.)


So, this is what they bring home:



Muddy 4-wheelers (7) blogcopy




I get the clothes…. the boys and ThrillCam get the toys.



Muddy 4-wheelers (31) blogcopy



I’m not sure who gets the short end of the stick in this case.  Everything is covered with mud. 



Muddy 4-wheelers (10) blogcopy



(One of our neighbors and his son went with my guys–the neighbors ride motorcycles, while mine do the quad thing.)



Muddy 4-wheelers (12) blogcopy



So, it’s a team effort to get things cleaned up.



Muddy 4-wheelers (26) blogcopy




I love the power washer.  If only I could take it inside to clean the boys’ bathroom….




Muddy 4-wheelers (15) blogcopy




The power washer is one of the appliances that you really don’t need, until you need it.  You know?  And, then, when you need it, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.   You wash something off, like the driveway, then you see that your siding needs to be sprayed off.  Of course, then once those two things are clean and shiny, you realize the sidewalk is looking grungy, then your neighbor’s fence could stand a blast…then, you see another neighbor’s dirty dog…it just goes on and on! 



Best invention on the planet.



 (I’m completely kidding about the dog thing…)



 Muddy 4-wheelers (17) blogcopy




Needless to say, the boys had a blast.  



Before they left that morning for their little jaunt, my oldest asked if I would tag along, most likely to take more pictures of his “beastly-ness.”  I told him no, I would not be joining them on this day–I had to wash my hair.  And I needed to pluck my eyebrows.  And wax the dog’s top lip…. I said anything to get out of going. 



You see, I would have been the only girl out there.  I knew it was going to be muddy and cold…I knew there would be excessive engine noise, testosterone, and speed.  I just wasn’t in the mood.



In fact, on this particular day, this was about as fast as I wanted to go:




Muddy 4-wheelers (34) blogcopy


Off to do laundry,




  1. Heather

    You get dirty clothes and dirty quads and I get to build doll houses and listen to little drama queens. Let me know if you ever want to swap for a day or so! 🙂

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