Cowboy hat…

Recently, I asked my youngest to let me take his picture.



Benjaminfield 139 copy2



The other males in my family refused.  But, not this guy–he’ll do anything his mama asks of him.  Especially, if he’s bribed with candy….



Benjaminfield 137 copy2



I made him wear one of my Daddy’s cowboy hats…it’s a little big on him, but I love it. 



Benjaminfield 156 copy2



I don’t know if the reason I love it so much is because the hat was my Daddy’s (who’s no longer with us), or whether it’s because my son is just plain cute wearing the big ol’ thing.



Benjaminfield 157 copy2



I’m thinking it’s a little bit of both.



Benjaminfield 170 copy



Peace out,




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