Almost every time I go home to visit my mother and sister, we eventually make a trip to see my grandmother in the nursing home. 



Christine's 90th party, 3-19-09  (2) copy



I really don’t mind going.  It actually can be fun.  Like, one time, one of the male residents was walking down the hallway sporting a gun holster while simultaneously “shooting” us with his toy pistols, as if we were on the streets of Tombstone.  



I know my grandmother loves seeing her family, whether it’s my mom (her daughter-in-law) and my sister faithfully delivering the required bag of Milky Ways and copies of her hometown newspaper, or whether it’s the whole gang, including her great-grandbabies.



On a visit back in the Spring, my youngest and I joined my mom and sister at the nursing home to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday.



Christine's 90th party, 3-19-09  (4) copy



It’s a big deal to turn 90, you know.   There just aren’t that many people who make it that long.



So, it was worth celebrating.



Christine's 90th party, 3-19-09  (9) copy



I think my grandmother very much enjoyed her birthday bash.   



She’s reminded often that she had a great time.  In fact, she’s reminded often that she’s 90….




Christine's 90th party, 3-19-09  (19) copy



Mom brought a cake and some punch…. We were having a party!



The residents of the nursing home were invited to help celebrate my grandmother, which, in my opinion, turned out to be a bit of a mistake.



You see, it had been announced earlier in the day that there would be a party in the cafeteria that afternoon. 



Those wonderful senior citizens did not skip a beat.  They were there early so they would be guaranteed a good seat and a piece of cake.  Not only did we have the cake and punch–regular AND sugar-free, no less–there was even a sweet little lady who offered to play the piano to add to the  party atmosphere.



Needless to say, we really sensed that these folks were ready to loosen their belts and kick up their heels–they wanted to live it up!



Christine's 90th party, 3-19-09  (6) copy



I’m here to tell you, that group of old folks really knew how to paint the town red!  



Christine's 90th party, 3-19-09  (10) copy



They were regular party animals!



In fact, it started to get out of hand….




Christine's 90th party, 3-19-09  (13) copy



We finally had to shut the place down.



After all, it was nap time.





  1. Trudy

    My mom will be 95 on the 29th, Lord willing. She is still getting over pneumonia . She was in the hospital for a week about 2 weeks ago, and I thought it was gone now. They did a follow-up chest x-ray yesterday and found a little fluid still in one lung. I want so much to be able to celebrate her and my son’s birthday along with Thanksgiving at my house—my son’s is on the 27th!

    I love your grandmother’s smile–she looks so sweet….like my mom. Isn’t that generation simply wonderful?

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I sure do hope that you have that opportunity to celebrate your mother and son, together…what a priceless moment that would be. (Take pictures!) My prayers are for her health to improve quickly.
      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll visit more often!
      All the best,

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