Horton Foote Playwrights Festival

HortonFoote005 copy



As many of you know, I was a theatre major, back in the day. 



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A couple months back, I was invited to return to Baylor Theatre to participate in the Horton Foote American Playwrights Festival.  I was terribly flattered and rather excited. 





Horton Foote, a renowned Pulizter-prize winning American (and Texan!) playwright, penned many plays including, The Traveling Lady and Trip to Bountiful.  But, you probably know his screenplays better:  To Kill a Mockingbird, Tender Mercies (Robert Duvall won Best Actor Oscar), and, again, Trip to Bountiful (Geraldine Page won Best Actress Oscar).  Mr. Foote won three Academy Awards for these screenplays.



His writings are sincere, simple and touching, often with a nod to his Texas roots.



So, why was I invited back to Baylor for a playwrights festival? 



Do I write plays?  Heck no.  I can barely complete a sentence.  But, I can read plays!



And, that’s just what I did; read.  I joined a cast of other alumni to read, aloud, a one-act play called, The Actor, by Horton Foote.



It’s been awhile since I’ve been on stage, but even longer since I’ve been on this stage at Baylor Theatre:



HortonFoote004 copy



I read the part of…wait for it…Elizabeth!   I was cast as the mother–a character right about my age.



And, while I was honored to be asked back to participate, I told the director that it really was not a boost to my ego.  I looked around me at my fellow cast members, who had all graduated within the last 2-4 years, and realized I was never going to be that skinny, nor was I ever going to be that young…ever…again…



I was old enough, technically, to be their mother!  And, basically, I look like I could’ve birthed them all….  It was, in fact, rather depressing.



hortonfoote003 copy



But, boy did I have a good time.  It’s been a long while since I’ve stretched the ol’ acting muscles. 



Horton Foote Festival 2 '09



So, while I may never be young and skinny again, I was, at least, reminded of one sure thing: it’s great fun to do creative things. 



You, too, should find some way to get that creative shot in the arm!



Go forth and be creative, today!  (It’s fun, I promise!)



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