It wasn’t until just recently, like in the last couple years, that it finally occurred to me “bob-wire” was actually  barbed wire.



country 1244 copy



All my life, it’s been bob-wire. 



country 1241 copy



…Just like my mother was a li-barian who worked at the li-bary.  (I remember, distinctly, when I was 12, I met some new friends from Pennsylvania while on a Caribbean cruise.  They cornered me one afternoon and made me say words like, “li-bary” and “sodie-water.”  I’m thinking they were making fun of me, no?)



country 1234 copy



My freshman year in high school, I was told that my high school had, many years earlier, voted to rename our mascot, “Jagger.”  No, that was not the mascot’s new name, like Big Jay (KU Jayhawks) or Bevo (UT), or Bruiser (Baylor!!)… it was a renaming of the animal



You know, a Jaguar.  



It was always so great when we would go to an opposing team’s football field and the announcer would introduce us, “And, now, please join us in welcoming our opponents, the Jaguars.”  To which the folks from my school would yell, “It’s JAGGER!!!  Don’t you know nothin’!?!” 



Over the years, my mother would say, “Now, you understand, right, that when you leave high school, you will stop saying ‘Jagger.’  Right?”



country 1243 copy



Well, I don’t say “sodie-water” anymore, nor do I say, “li-bary,” for which my mother is eternally grateful.



Though, I will say, when I return for my next high school reunion, I will most certainly cheer for the “Jaggers,” again, because it’s what you do.  It’s the right thing to do. 



…Just like calling barbed wire, bob-wire.   It’s the right thing to do.



Off to mend fences,




  1. Justin

    I had a room mate in college my freshman year who would go to McDonalds and order a “fruit para-fate”. I let him do it a few times before I helped him out.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      That’s hilarious, Justin!
      I didn’t add in my blog post that when I was in the theatre in college, I was informed, after I said a line, loudly, numerous times, that the word “naked” is NOT pronounced “necked.”
      Apparently, “necked” did not sit well with the director of the Greek tragedy I was in….
      I’m really not that much of a country bumpkin….I promise.

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