Did you know that when I was in elementary school I participated in Punt, Pass and Kick?  I loved it; I got to show the boys that a girl could punt, pass and kick a football just like them…and sometimes even better!





Nowadays,  I have the wonderful opportunity to document my local high school’s football winning season, with my camera….





High school football….





love being on the sidelines!





There’s never a dull moment.





But there’s so much more than just football going on.





So much to see…





So much to hear…





But, nothing really beats the action on the field.





And, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post (Two-A-Days), these young men absolutely love it!





They’re good, too.





They’re so good, they are Bi-District Champions!





Our team is still going strong, even when most teams have put away their gear.



I overheard the Head Coach say to the boys after the game, “Guess what, boys?!  We get to practice again on Monday!!!!”





Here’s hoping they get a few more weeks of Monday practices!



Go Chargers!!!!




    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Thank you, Vicki!
      I shoot with a Canon 50D and the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. But, last year, I was shooting with the Canon Rebel.
      BUT, when I starting shooting sports, I was using a Canon Rebel, the first in their line of the Rebel series. It is/was a great SLR to start out with. I would find, though, that I would get blurry, too dark pictures once the sun went down. I would need to bump my ISO up to 800 or more, but that would bring on the “noise” (grainy pictures).
      It’s taken a lot of practice, and I still continue to learn every time I go out to the sidelines.
      So, all of that said, you can capture good action shots without fancy equipment (and it can even fancier than what I’ve got!), you just have to know the camera’s limitations and learn to work within them.

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