My family and I recently made a trip over to visit my grandmother in the nursing home.  It was about a week or so before Halloween and the weather was starting to cool down.



When we arrived, my grandmother was just about to eat a little cup of pudding.  She proceeded to offer it to each and every member of my family, at least three times each.  She never did eat that silly pudding….





While there, my sister snapped a few pictures as we visited. 





Every time my mom and sister go over to visit, they take her at least two things: a bag of Milky Ways and her hometown newspaper.  Usually, my mom throws something else in there, and this time, it was a light-weight jacket.  The days were getting cooler and she’s impossibly skinny and frail-looking, she needed something to keep her warm.



I think she really liked her new jacket!  It was cute and pink and soft and warm.





My grandmother immediately slipped on the jacket, waved at the camera, and smiled the biggest smile! 



How cute is she?!



Although, on closer inspection of this picture, I noticed something peculiar….





Things that make you go “Hmmmm….”




I'm curious. Tell me what you think...

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