Turkey Day

If you have not figured out, yet, I am one of those individuals who likes to take pictures of her food.  My family has always done this. 

If we think it fits in the fancy category, it gets its picture taken.  If it fits in the “Oh, my goodness, this is the best thing I’ve put in my mouth” category, it gets its picture taken.  If it fits in the “I’ve got to remember what I ate here, in case I return” category, well… you get the picture.


I crack myself up.


Well, my mother outdid herself this year, as usual, when it came to Thanksgiving.  She really put out a spread worthy of picture-taking.  (The first picture shows my plate with prime rib, dressing, broccoli-rice casserole and some yummy mushrooms! Mmmmm….) 


Little rolled, molded butter pats…





A really outrageously large amount of fruit…





Shrimp and oysters on the half-shell…  (I told Mom that she really cooked too much this year….)





But, where she really impressed us, was with the desserts.  She spared no expense…





She even went crazy with displaying them…





This, though, is my absolute favorite.  Mom’s Baked fudge…





It would not be Thanksgiving with my side of the family without it, now.  It’s amazingly decadent.  And chocolate-y.  And gooey.  And good.





Needless to say, I’ve gained 10 more pounds re-visiting these pictures…



Oh!  I forgot to tell you that my uncle even brought over an ice sculpture for the occasion!!





Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving was as fancy and food-filled as mine!





(Okay….how quickly did you figure out that was all bogus.  My mom didn’t cook a thing for Thanksgiving!  But, there’s a reason, and I’ll tell you about it in another post–you can’t know me or my family without knowing this particular Thanksgiving story. 

We ate at the country club for Thanksgiving lunch and, as you can see, it was wonderful!)



    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I know, right? Too bad, we aren’t that high falootin’…I could get very used to living that way, you know?! 😉
      I really appreciate you stopping by for a visit! Please know that because of your funny comment, I wrote a new blog post to show you just how sophisticated we are!

      Come back to visit! (I’m now off to visit your blog!)

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