Birthday Pie

Yesterday was my birthday!



I just happened to be back home, at my mom’s, when she surprised me with my favorite birthday pie: Coconut Cream Pie from Dixie’s.  (Dixie makes the most incredible fried pies, as well, but that’s another story.)



Soon, though, it was time to head home, so my mother packed up the pie and put it in the car.



Our drive home was, thankfully, uneventful.  And, after a long, fun-filled week, it was good to be home, but we still had the task of unloading the car.  As I am unloading suitcases, I see my youngest literally swinging a bag as he walked into the house.



Quickly, I stop him and inform him that the bag he was swinging back and forth holds my beloved Coconut Cream Pie!  He adjusted the box inside the bag, apologized and continued on his merry way.  



Once he got into the house, he thought he better check on his momma’s favorite birthday pie.





Look at the box.










Coconut Cream.





Coconut Cream Birthday.





Coconut Cream Birthday Pie.





Let’s all take a moment to silently mourn the loss of the beautiful birthday pie….



Actually, though, all was not lost.






Guess what I had for breakfast this morning?




  1. Tammie

    Wish I had a dime for every coconut cream pie pan and box from Dixie’s that looked exactly like your birthday pie.

    Still good eatin, though!

    Love ya,

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I couldn’t agree more, Heather! (I saw J, today, but haven’t seen you in forever! Hope all is well.)

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