Hayrides and hot chocolate

I can’t believe it.  I don’t have any pictures from the other night.  That is so not like me, but I was too busy attempting to be the Hostess-With-The-Mostess to take pictures.

We opened up our house for a holiday party that included a ton of kids, yummy food, good adult conversation, hot-scald-your-tongue-chocolate, carolling and an honest-to-goodness hayride!  ThrillCam hooked the trailer to the truck, threw some hay on there, and then drove about 75 or more friends, kids, and neighbors around to look at lights.  (He had to take muliple trips, for those of you thinking 75 at once was far too many and unsafe.) 

I think you would have enjoyed seeing the pictures…if there were any to show…. but, I was busy making big ol’ pots of hot chocolate, so I never once reached for my camera and now I’m regretting it.

I think the night was a success with only one small faux pas (besides the fact that I didn’t have my camera handy):  I had borrowed a couple coffee airpots from our church.  While grabbing the pots, I also stashed about 30 packets of Splenda in one of them.   When I poured hot chocolate in that particular airpot, my friend Pete noticed the packets floating in the hot liquid; I had forgotten to remove them when I got home.  I’m not sure, but Pete might have said something about how it was my just deserts for stealing Splenda from the church, but he didn’t finish his sentence due to the hot chocolate that accidentally spilled down his front and scalded all the hair off his chest….

Noooo…he actually was my partner in crime.  He bravely scooped the Splenda out and we agreed to say I had pre-sweetened the hot chocolate, that’s all.   Thanks, Pete! 

Anyway, the evening was a great way  to really kick off the holiday season.  

I sure wish I had pictures to show you how great it was….

Off to put my name on the naughty list,



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