Cotton pickers

The other morning, I awoke to a beautiful, chilly sunrise…out in the country.  I gulped down some coffee, grabbed my camera, and jumped into my sister’s zippy car.  I cranked up the heat and turned on the seat warmers. 

(Can I just say, I will never purchase another car that does not have seat warmers?  There’s nothing better than a warm booty on a cold morning.  I’m just sayin’….)

Anyway, right down the road from my mother’s place, a neighbor had parked multiple cotton combines.  He had finally picked his pitiful-looking cotton.

My daddy never grew cotton, he grew hay.  Because of that, my mother, sister, and I could not come up with a good reason for this neighbor to go to all the trouble of picking his cotton, especially when it was less than appealing, but what do we know?

But, I’m glad he picked his pitiful-looking cotton, because I was completely fascinated by these huge machines. 

They were lined up, all in a row, prepared and ready to go to work.  Although, actually, they had finished their work the night before.

They were just sleeping, I guess…sleeping giants.

Their enormous claws, tired from cutting, scraping, chewing, and swallowing the cotton…

…huge machines created to pick cotton more efficiently. 

Keep an eye out for unusual and out-of-the-ordinary objects in your day-to-day life.  Whether you photograph them or not doesn’t matter.   Just being aware, alive, is what matters. 

Here’s to looking at life differently,




    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Thank you, Rhonda! I knew there had to be an actual, technical name for them. I know nothing about cotton, except that I like to wear it. And, I guess, now, I also like the machines that gather and strip the cotton….

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