Christmas Blues

I admit it.  I hate packing away Christmas.  It makes me kind of sad and blue. 

We go to all the trouble and time and effort to put up the tree, the lights, the decorations, only to turn around and take it all right back down.  It’s always too soon for me. 

I really would have been happy to just leave all the decorations up for another year or two….

But, nooooo…ThrillCam would have nothing of it.  He wanted Christmas gone, packed away, out of sight, in the attic.  He wanted life to return to normal…. 

So, right now, my dining room looks like the staging area for a holiday garage sale.  It’s a mess.  Unorganized.  Overwhelming.

And, because we started the process of stripping the house of its color and festive-ness (is that even a word?), it looked barren and unloved.  Boring.

Even my nativity was distraught over the thought of being packed away for another year.  I could tell they were under a great deal of distress.

Did you notice the Fainting Goat in the nativity?  So sad…

(Now do you see the Fainting Goat?)

My nativity came from Mexico a number of years ago and it’s still a favorite of mine.  I hated to see them confused and worried.  I wondered what they were saying to each other. 

“Aiyaya!  Por que?  Por que are we having to go back into that dark-o atteeec?  No es bueno!!”



Look at Joseph.  He loves Christmas like I do, I just know it.  He didn’t want to see it end, either.  He looked so down and out, poor guy.

Mary and the Angel were talking amongst themselves.

“ThrillCam es loco in de cabeza!”


Look at them wringing their hands…

“Si!  He es un grande bah humbug-o!”


Of course, as should be expected, baby Jesus was unconcerned with the hubbub around him.

Calm and peaceful. 

So, with that, I left my dining room messy.  And, in true Scarlett O’Hara form, I went to bed saying, “Well, I won’t think about this now.  I’ll think about it tomorrow.” 

Merry Christmas until next year, Amigos…




  1. mom

    Well, at least you don’t have 63 trees to dis-assemble as a couple from Pittsburgh does. I just read about them in the Wall Street Journal: each tree has a theme, such as sports, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Sesame Street, Nativity, old-fashioned toys (including Mr. Potato Head), etc. But they can’t start taking them down until their daughter goes back to college, because they need her room to store all the plastic tubs. Can you imagine 63 trees!!! And then, after they remove the trees, they have to find the items that originally were placed where the trees were. I don’t have enough flat spaces.

  2. Pam

    You MUST go check out the Skippyjon Jones series of books….if you aren’t aware of them, I think you will greatly appreciate the humor (and it MUST be read with the Spanish accent!).

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Pam, I adore Skippyjon Jones! I recently read my first one when my mother bought the latest book at the Texas Book Festival….I had even taken pictures of the book for a blog post. “Holy Guacamole!” 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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