Stocking stuffers

My family has a sick keen sense of humor.  It always seems to rear its ugly head at Christmas, in the form of presents and stocking stuffers.  While everyone is normally excited to see what Santa brought, they also approach their stockings with trepidation.  Santa’s little (naughty) elves have usually been at work.

No one is safe in my family.  One never knows what one might receive as a “gift.”

For example:  Remember the little pretties I wrote about a few days ago?   [What Not to Wear]

Besides the fancy shoes my sister and I received from my mother, a few other things showed up under the tree and in stockings.

Check out this little penguin…

Seems harmless enough.

(My pictures are somewhat lacking, by the way.  I was giggling while watching this thing, which made me shake, which meant my pictures would be blurry….)

Anyway, according to the package directions,  you fill his head with little black balls of “yummy candy.”

Unfortunately, before I could even see what the penguin was capable of, when I opened the penguin’s packaging, little black balls went everywhere.

Once I finally gathered the candy, I filled his head, wound him up and watched him go.

Hehehe…get it?

He waddles back and forth…

And, back and forth…

And, back and forth…

…until, eventually, he drops a little black ball of candy poop.

The box said it was “yummy!”

That’s just gross.  And very, very juvenile.

Someone in this family has a very disturbing sense of humor.

Oh, yeah… 

It’s me.


More to stocking stuffers to come!


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