Public Service Announcement

As if snot jokes weren’t bad enough….  I figure that as long as I’m going with the gross stuff this week, I might as well show you a little gift that has come in handy in my household.

Please remember:  I live with three males. 

A little bottle of pure bliss was given to us last Christmas by our good friends, Brad and Rhonda.

You’ve met Brad before:

And, Rhonda, too:

Rhonda is the stabilizing factor in this marriage.  She keeps Brad rooted, grounded, in check.  Because, if Rhonda was not there to keep an eye on Mr. Brad, well…things like this would happen more often:


Ever heard of it?

Can you read the bottom of the bottle?

Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know.

How quaint.

You should read the back:

There once was a young lad from Rhone

whose odor he’d rather disown

now he’s taming his poo

by anointing the loo

and now happily sits on his throne!



I apologize…especially to my mother is hanging her head in shame.  (It’s no wonder she’s told no one of my blog….I’ll never gain World Wide Web Domination at this rate….)

This is real stuff, I promise.  And, because I live in a house full of testosterone and unusual smells, I know this stuff works! 

Brad bought this for us as a joke, but bully for me, it works magically!

So, go to your local boutique and ask for some Poo-pourri, you’ll be glad you did.  Especially, if you live in a house with boys.  (If the boutique doesn’t carry it, ask them to, then go home and go to Poo-pourri’s website:

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by Poo-pourri, “a blend of Natural Essential Oils that create a barrier to embarrassing bathroom odors.”  (The people at Poo-pourri have no clue that I’m stumping for their product, nor do they know who I am. Otherwise, I’d be asking for a lifetime supply of this stuff!)

Gotta go,




  1. Kris McLendon

    well, we were also blessed with a bottle from Brad and Rhonda. I must say, Megan uses it the most! She ALWAYS has to spray it in the potty when she’s done “doing her business.” Hilarious…they have created a princess in our house! Gesh!

  2. Sarah

    We became addicted to this particular item over the holidays two years ago when we were on a family ski trip. There were 10+ family members all in one house with most of us sharing one bathroom. It was a true lifesaver! Brought new meaning to ‘Smells like Christmas’! I truly believe and agree that it has been solely responsible for salvaging my hiney (pun intended) when it comes to cohabiting with (now 3!) stinker pot boys!

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Sarah, it never occured to me to take it on a trip! You’ve opened a whole new world to me!! Hotel rooms will never be the same…. Thank you, thank you.

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