My first-ever book!

Yes, you read that correctly.  My book.  I’m published.

Well. Sort of.

Well, actually, technically, I am, but not in the usual sense. 

I created a book for my son’s high school football team and its coaches.  The book included many of my favorite photos from the winning season.

I had planned to make a photo book for the coaches as a way of saying thank you and to celebrate their winning season, but before I could complete it, I was approached by the football booster club to make one.  It was a great coincidence!  Perfect timing.

I used a company called Blurb.  They specialize in books, alone. 

Because the booster club had budgeted for a certain amount, I had to go with a soft cover; the soft covers are not fabric, but rather heavy cardstock–like a regular paperback book.  You can see that the cover is very flexible.  But, it’s sturdy and well-made.

I’ve fallen in love with the book.  Not because it has my pictures in it…well, that does make me feel good, but because I was able to create pages that highlighted my photos.  I was given many options to choose from.

If I wanted to add text, I could add text.

If I didn’t want any text, I didn’t have to use any.

It even has a header and footer or page number, which is a very nice touch.   So, on the pages where my photos don’t cover the entire page, there’s a header.  It’s small, but adds a nice detail.  (You can just barely see it in my photo below, upper right corner.)

I really hope the coaches like their momento.

So, after dipping my foot in the book-making water, I have plans for a real book, one day.  Hopefully, it will be a beautiful coffee table book that millions and millions, or 6, people will purchase one day! 

By the way, I realize there are some great companies out there, like Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc., that make photo books, as well.  Those companies do a great job.  I know.  I created a photo book for my niece through Snapfish once.  But, I love that Blurb specializes in books, alone.  Nothing else. 

(Oh. Blurb has no idea who I am or that I’m even writing about them, so unfortunately, I’m not getting a kickback.  Would someone please tell them who I am?!)

You can get another, better, sneak peek at my book–heck! you can even order one, if you’d like–at  Go to the Bookstore tab and click.  In the search bar, type in Elizabeth Simmons Photography.  My book will magically appear!  Click on Preview to look at a few of the pages.

If you have it, spend some time in the bookstore, looking at other folks’ books.  There are a trillion–cookbooks, travel journals, photography of  just about any topic you can think of…you name it, there’s probably a book.  And, yes, you can purchase any and all of them.

Go forth and be creative, today!



One comment

  1. Heather

    That is awesome! You should be very proud of yourself!
    I will be checking out that site more when I have a little more time on my hands. I could make some mean Christmas presents with that site!

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