Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s considered the biggest game of the year.  I know, I know, it’s the Saints vs. the Colts.  Blah, blah, blah…


I’m just here to tell you, Sunday is not going to be all about the Colts and the Saints. 

There’s actually a far bigger, better, more competitive, more important game to be played:

The fourth-annual HUNKS VS. PUNKS Super Bowl Game.

It’s the Granddaddy of all football games. 

Two teams pitted against each other, both vying for the coveted title of WINNER, and the chance to rub the other team’s faces in it for a year following. 

This annual clash of the titans pitting neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, father against son had been played one year previous to our move into this neighborhood…all in the name of friendly competition and fun…and we’ve not missed a game since.  And, it’s grown into a rather big deal, both in size and in boasting rights.

The teams, you ask? 

Well, there’s the HUNKS team: Old, out-of-shape men.  


Then, there’s the PUNKS team. 

They are young, spry,

virile, athletic, teenagers.

Every year, they meet on the gridiron of our neighborhood.

Hope against hope to walk away with the title.

Every year, the hopes and dreams of the young and old alike, are placed, vunerably and squarely, on the chalk yardlines of…of life.

This is no place for namby-pamby girly boys…

Only the toughest and most determined survive.

Every year, the old geezers have something to prove… 

…something to prove the young punks. 

…something to prove to each other. 

…something to prove to themselves.

(Mainly the HUNKS have to prove that they can rise and walk the next day…something the young whippersnapper-PUNKS have no problem, whatsoever, doing…)

And each year, so far, the HUNKS have risen to the occasion; they have been successful! 


(That’s my ThrillCam making the amazing final–winning– touchdown for the HUNKS!!!!  Be still my heart!)


(And, yes, I do believe it was as horribly painful as it looks….)




Last year, was a THREE-PEAT for the HUNKS!!!

Proving, once again, that the HUNKS are NOT DEAD YET!!!

The PUNKS left the field, once again, defeated, deflated and downtrodden…wondering, for the third year in a row, how those old guys could possibly muster the strength and energy to beat them. 

…wondering what, if anything, they could do to have a different outcome.

And the HUNKS?  

They do not leave the field whole, I’m sorry to say.  They are broken, beaten up, and feeling very, very old….

But, believe-you-me, all wounds, hurts and pains subside quickly with the sweet smell and taste of VICTORY!

Of course, Bengay, ice packs and the trip to the chiropractor will certainly help ease the pain.

I will post, next week, the final outcome of the 4th Annual HUNKS VS PUNKS Super Bowl Game.  It’s very exciting!!

Can the HUNKS pull out another victory and make it four in a row?  Or will the PUNKS finally get a winning game plan and finish on top?

Stayed tuned!


P.S. Who are you pulling for this weekend?  The Saints?  The Colts?  The HUNKS?  The PUNKS?  Leave me a comment.

P.P.S.  (Oops!  I stand corrected.  ThrillCam did NOT make the winning touchdown for the HUNKS victory.  Our neighbor and friend, Scott M. made the winning touchdown and paid SEVERELY for it!…)



  1. Beverly

    Elizabeth, Thanks so much for the morning laugh/flash back. I love this post. It really is like a “Superbowl” to these men/boys. They love it!! Pain and all they look so forward to this. Of course I will be pulling for those HUNKS 🙂

  2. Sherri Rogers

    Can’t wait to find out who wins the BIG game!!! I’m much more interested in the outcome of the Hunks vs. the Punks 🙂

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Me, too, Sherri! That little game being played later in the day, on tv, is small potatoes to this collision of young and not-as-young!

  3. Jim Cromartie

    Stan has mentioned what a great job you have done for both the Chargers and the neighborhood Super Bowl. They are fortunate to have someone with your talents involved and supporting them. I am looking forward to your game action pics and post-game summary. You should consider becoming a Sports Information Director on the side.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Jim, you made me laugh outloud! Thanks for your confidence in my abilities! I must talk to Stan about that–maybe I should go in asking for a raise, too….
      I adore Stan and his family so very much! They are pure gold, in my opinion…wouldn’t trade their friendship for anything.
      And, please do return for the highlights, Jim! Thanks for stopping by, E.

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