Um.  Scott.  Watch out.

Oh dear.


I…I think… Stan’s goin’….yes, yes…he’s going down…

Scott…please…not again… I really don’t think you know what’s about to hit you…


Oh my.  Blake.  Blake.  Dylan.

Pete?  Pete?  You okay?

Whoa…not good.



No, no, no, no!


Okay.  That’s it.  Stan.  Chase.  Stop it.  Right now.

Will.  I mean it, young man. Enough. 

Oh. No. Poor. Will.

That’s it.  I can’t look at this torture anymore.

Can someone get me an Ibuprofen and an ice bath?,



One comment

  1. Angela Chmylak

    If I did HALF of the things these guys did in this game I would never be able to move again! Very impressive!!

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