Monday Photography Tip: Object Photo Assignment

Because I’ve had a hard weekend, with the passing of my grandmother, I’ve decided to post a photo assignment, rather than a tip.  This was a welcome break for me and a lot of fun. 

Take an object, any object.

I chose a chair…from my mother’s dining room.  It is a very, very old chair.  The seat needs to be re-caned, but other than that, it’s in fantastic shape.   And, it is very unique.  (You should see the table it goes with.  It’s awesome.)

I took pictures of the chair from different angles and perspectives, while still inside.

Some worked….

Some didn’t….

Then, I placed the chair in different settings, outside. 

(I liked that the chair was a little wonky, unsettled.)

I just drove around the country roads with my mother’s good dining room chair in the back of my vehicle.  I’d spot a place to put the chair, jump out, plop down the chair and compose the shot.  Quickly.  Because it was cold.

My mother will probably love the fact that I put her chair out in the middle of roads and fields….

In the next shot, I framed the chair in a doorway.

Then, I thought I’d angle the chair, instead of leaving it upright.

Some shots work, some don’t, but you won’t know ’til you try.  Did I mention it was cold?

What about this closeup?

Don’t forget, if you can’t tilt your object, tilt your camera for a different angle.

(And, no, I have no idea what the figures are.  They remind me of little naked Oompah-Loompahs.)

In the above shot, I focused on the grass in front, rather than the chair.  That particular shot could probably be improved upon, either by my moving back and/or even by lowering myself a bit more.  Again, I was cold.  That’s my excuse.

What about propping or anchoring your object against another object?

I wanted to put my chair out with some cows, but every time I’d get close with the chair, they’d move away.  It was too cold to stand around and wait for them to become curious, as they would have done eventually.   So, no cow/chair pictures.

I didn’t spend the time on this assignment like I would have liked, mainly because I was freezing my patookus off, but I still had fun with it. 

By the way, don’t get locked into a chair.  You can choose any object that means something to you or something that’s silly, useless and fun. 

You choose. 

Just don’t choose things that mean a lot to your mother, like her good dining room chairs, or a picture from her wedding.   (Hopefully, she won’t read this blog post until after I’m outta Dodge.)

So, here’s your assignment:  Take an object, place it in unusual spots, in unusual angles (or move your camera around at the different angles) and take pictures of said object. 

Rules:   1)  Do not trespass or go into areas where you could be in harm’s way.   2)  Take up to 10 photographs of your object.   3)  If you’d like, post up to 5 of your favorite object pictures on  I have created a group called Out to Lunch Photography Assignments.  (To post pictures, you must create a Yahoo/Flickr account, but it’s free and you don’t have to use it for any other purpose but to post your pictures.  Once you’ve created your free account, do a search for Out to Lunch Photography Assignments, then post your pictures!  It’s easy, I promise.)

Whether you choose to share your photos with me or not, go out and have fun. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  I will attempt the assignment again, this week, as well.  (It’s supposed to snow at my mom’s on the day of the funeral, so if I’m snowed in, I will take pictures of an object in the snow!)

Happy shooting,


P.S. Thank you for your kind words and prayers for me and my family.  It has meant a great deal to me/us.



  1. Sarah

    Ok. I am going to take the challenge… mostly to learn how to USE my camera. I need an entire class… and a new flash, but I’ll try…

    I have been thinking of you a lot this week with the passing of your grandmother. My own grandmother is very dear to me and since we moved her down here last year, I have not spent as much time with her as I should. I loved the pictures of her too. It almost felt like I knew her as well. Love you!

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