Snowy Day

Where I currently live, snow is an anomaly.  Any time it snows in my area, it’s a really, really big deal… local news worthy.

At my mother’s place, it’s not such a rare occasion.  I mean, it’s not an every-Winter occurence, but it’s certainly not unheard of.

So, on the morning of my grandmother’s funeral, snow began to fall.  I stepped out on the back porch and snapped the picture below; it had just begun to fall at this point.

And,  the snow continued to fall.

And fall.

Not like Chicago snow.  Or Kansas snow.  Or Colorado snow.   It was Central Texas snow, which meant it wouldn’t last long.  

It was predicted that we would have 2-4 inches, and I believe we may have met that challenge.

Anyway, once the funeral was over, ThrillCam and our oldest skidaddled southward, hoping to avoid the icy roads and make it home in time for his high school baseball game.  Our youngest, though, begged and pleaded to stay with me at his Mimi’s house.  I acquiesced.

Once we got back to Mimi’s house and changed out of our funeral clothes, he then begged me to go outside and play in the snow with him.

It was discovered that he had, in his almost 11 years of existence, never built a snowman!  No child should go through life without building at least one snowman.  Even if it’s with dirty, grassy snow.

I don’t believe Leah, my mother’s dog, had ever built a snowman before, either.  She was very excited!

It reminded me of my dog, Bear, this past Christmas, when we went up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, after a big snow there:

Bear had never eaten snow before.

But, I digress.

My boy had a lot of fun creating his snow person.

A carrot nose, of course. 

Milky Ways for eyes.  And, Red Hots for the mouth….

I’m not sure of the gender of this particular snowperson, but he/she/it had a lot of character.

His snow creature was certainly news-worthy, so the film crew came outside to record this event.

No interviews were given, but posing for the photo-op was allowed.

I think they made a nice couple.

Too bad, she/he/it would eventually break my boy’s heart and melt into oblivion, never to return.

At least, they had this moment together, this memory.  It was fun, while it lasted.

Of course, by 10 o’clock, the next day, the snowperson was gone. 

It was, after all, Central Texas.  And it was Central Texas snow.


P.S. Learn from my mistakes:  As you can tell, my camera had a hard time in auto-focus; it kept focusing the falling snow instead of my son and his snowman.  This is when I should have switched over to manual focus.  I didn’t…mainly due to laziness, and the fact that I had gloves on and I didn’t want to take them off to change settings on my camera; my delicate digits might have gotten cold!  Couldn’t have that….no siree.



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