There’s No Crying in Football!

Normally, I would post a photography tip on Monday morning, but because I’ve been trying to catch back up on our regular routine and an abnormally large amount of laundry (after the funeral), the tip will be postponed until next Monday.  Today’s post is highlighting our neighborhood’s annual HUNKS VS. PUNKS football game.  Enjoy!  And, thanks for understanding.  E.

My friend Brad was the official Referee for the Fourth Annual Hunks vs. Punks Super Bowl Game, this year.  This event, of which I’ve blogged about previously, is held every year on Super Bowl Sunday, before the “big” game.  It’s pits fathers against sons, adults against teenagers.  It’s a highly anticipated event each year.

(Disclaimer:  If your children, much like my youngest son, occasionally reads this blog, I need to warn you that you may have “some ‘xplaining to do, Lucy.”) 


Brad took his job very, very seriously. 

Well, as seriously as Brad is capable of taking anything… 

But, he did come prepared to make fair, impartial, and accurate  judgement calls.

He even had a whistle and a flag!

He also came prepared to deal with any and all whiney babies who might have been participating in this highly touted event.  

And believe-you-me, there is always some degree of whining going on…

The REF informed the boys and men he would not only throw a flag for a violation, he would also attach a penalty marker on any individual who complained too much or too loudly.

 Brad carried in his pocket multiple, um, gadgets?, instruments?, articles? for the purpose of degrading and embarrassing any namby-pamby girlie-boys who complained or whined….

The above item recieved some very viseral reactions from the players.  They were warned that only the biggest of the biggest babies would be awarded that particular penalty.

I think, if you asked the guys playing football, they would agree it was a very effective, if not brazen, approach, one not yet seen at a HUNKS/PUNKS game.

I’m happy to report not one single boy or man needed the Icy Hot.



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