I love colorful things.  That’s evidenced, for example, by my colorful collection of Fiesta Ware.  I don’t just use one or two colors; I use ’em all!  I love to mix and match the plates at dinnertime.  It’s fun to have all that color around the table.

My youngest hooligan has a penchant for color as well.

He surprised both ThrillCam and me with his recent proclamation that he will take Art for his middle school elective, rather than band, like his older brother, or theatre arts, like his mother.

He’s been drawing and coloring a lot.

For awhile, he drew Balloon Boy, his comic strip character, chronicling B.B.’s misadventures.  (Balloon Boy might be worthy of his very own blog post, so I’ll save him for later.)

But, right now, my son’s into making colorful Spinners.  And origami bird things.

He has a large sum of Spinners, all of various colors and styles.

Spinners are, well, spinners.  I don’t know!  You just spin them.  For fun.  I think.

I love looking at them while they, um, spin. 

They’re mesmerizing.

And pretty.

It’s a new take on Spin-Art!  Remember Spin-Art?!   You squirted the paint onto the spinning paper, then you had to wait for it to dry, remember?

This is one way to create Spin-Art without the mess.

And origami?  He learned from a friend how to fold this bird-like creature.  His friend affectionately christened these things, “Caw-caws.” 

I’m not positive, but I think my son named one of his Caw-caws, “Bob.”  Or something along those lines.  (“Bob’s” actually a step up in the naming business.  Usually, the names are very, very similar to the creation, like “Caw-ee” or “Cawman.”) 

Unlike my son, I have zero drawing or coloring abilities. 

Nor, do I have origami folding skills.  I believe that stems from my obvious lack of laundry folding skills. 

So, for now, I just avoid folding both. 

But, wait. 

I think I’m onto something here…

What if I trick my son by telling him I have a ton of origami projects for him to fold?  I could tell him he could fold whatever animal he wanted… I wonder if I could convince him to fold the laundry into birds and such?  He could create a whole laundry menagerie! 


Yes! (insert evil laugh)

Off to devise my plan,




  1. Heather

    I have to laugh at the spinners. Our school banned them because the kids were selling them and causing a disturbance!
    Let me know if the laundry plan works!

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Oh, dear! I guess I better ask him about that!
      So far, no success on the laundry plan… I think he’s on to me.

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