It’s colder outside than it is in my fridge!

Our new refrigerator is unwell.

Well, technically, she’s new to us.  The refrigerator is only a little over a year old, practically brand new, and she came to us a couple of weeks ago.  My sister didn’t need her anymore, so we offered to give our former, perfectly working, perfectly fine, side by side fridge to my mom to put in her garage.  Then, we adopted this new one. 

Now, she sits almost completely empty.  And warm.  Not cold, like a good little refrigerator should be.

And, as she sits idly by, all my food sits in these:

(Thank goodness our neighbors had an extra-large cooler for us to borrow.)


Yes, I use bottled lemon juice on occasion!  Don’t be judging…


Thankfully, though, a repairman is supposed to show up at our house tomorrow.

Honestly, if we have to keep this up much longer, I’m just going to have ThrillCam throw up a tent in the backyard, so we can pretend we’re camping. 

S’mores and all.



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