Oods and ends…

1. I am happy to report: our refrigerator is behaving properly again!  ThrillCam and I think we figured out the problem and solved it.  So, as of right now, she’s chillin’ like a good little refrigerator should.  (Yes, that picture of the hand-drawn face, is supposed to be me…my sweet 10 year old wrote, “To my beutiful mom.”  Join with me, “Awwwwhhhhhh…..”  I like that I’m “b-u-tiful” in his world, even with that horrible spray-on tan he drew on me.)

2. I was playing around this morning with a photo I took of my friend and her daughter.  I have some new frames and textures that I’m dying to spend some time with in Photoshop–this was one of the first pictures I used with one of the new frames.  So, I thought I’d post it.  

Andi (the mom) has had a rough couple of weeks, as of late, and she’s managed it like a real trooper.   She and her daughter make me smile.  I hope Andi is smiling today.

3.  Boys and girls, it is BASEBALL SEASON!!!  Yes, I get equally excited over football season, but my sons both play baseball, so I’m a wee bit partial to the Springtime sport.  And, it looks as though we’ll actually have some B-U-tiful weather, today, to boot!

4. It’s almost Topsy-Turvy Time, again!!!   

If you’ve been reading my blog  from the very start, you might recall that I did not have the best luck with my tomatoes, last summer.  (Do a search for Tomatoes, over to your right, if you’d like to read my Topsy-Turvy story.)

I mean, who can’t grow tomatoes?! 

Apparently, me. 

Because I’m a lover, not a fighter, because I won’t give up or give in, because I want to prove to the world that I can and I WILL conquer that crazy contraption, I am going to try again at Tomato farming.

I feel that the Topsy-Turvy and I deserve a second chance at love.  Tomato love.

I’ll keep you posted.




  1. Kim Rogers

    Don’t feel alone, Elizabeth. Our tomato plant looked just like yours!!! We threw the other three plants left from the tomato device, and they lived and we had tomatoes. But alas, our contraption continues to swing, tomatoless, from the tree and will probably not get another chance this year.

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