Spring is upon us!

After an incredibly dry and hot summer, followed by some hard freezes this winter our yard is no longer pretty or healthy.

I mean, look at what the freezes did to our palm trees!

Palm trees do not like below freezing weather.

None of our tropical plants liked it.

Poor little Bird of Paradise….

My neighbors can vouch for how horrible our yards look right now. It’s just pitiful.

We’ve even gotten a letter from our home owner’s association about them. Embarrassing.

BUT, I noticed something.

Did you see that sprig of green in the banana tree pot?


Even after the ravages of winter, there are signs of Spring approaching, everywhere!


I even have one single rose out in the yard.

The lemon tree is budding out….I love, love having citrus trees in my backyard! I just recently purchased an orange tree to go with our lemon and lime trees! I’m very excited!

Even the doves are back, finding odd places to build their nests.

I couldn’t get much closer or change my angle for fear of scaring her–or him–away. (Did you know that dove parents tag team on the nest duties?)

Yes, new life is springing forth! And, I’m happy to say, with all this new life, our back yard has actually greened up!

Yep. The weeds have taken over.

(So, why can’t I grow stupid tomatoes in my Topsy-Turvy??? I can grow weeds!! Why not tomatoes!?)

I say, let’s just throw caution to the wind and get a pool! That way, we don’t have to worry about no stinkin’ grass weeds.

Think ThrillCam will go for it?

I’ll tell him he can be my pool boy.



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