Photography Tip: A Repetitive Nature

Happy Monday!

I made it home, safe and sound, from a whirlwind trip to Washington D.C. and you, my friends, are going to be inundated with photos from my trip.  For days.  And weeks.  And months.

Maybe years.

My apologies, in advance.

This week, while using your camera, I want you to be on the lookout for objects that repeat.

Don’t forget: you can vary the focus, like above;  I focused, not on the first or second group of flowers, but on the third.  How would it have looked if I had focused on the first group?  Or what if I had focused farther down the row?

While in D.C., my eye was constantly drawn to repetitive items…

Columns were everywhere, of course. 

Those above are in Union Station. 

The columns below are located on the front lawn of Mount Vernon, George Washington’s homestead and final resting place.  (If you’ve seen the second National Treasure movie, you might remember this front lawn.  The President’s birthday party–I think it was his birthday party–was celebrated out there; it was a night scene.  And, no, apparently, there is not a secret tunnel, as depicted in the movie.)

Apparently, George and Martha had the same amount of chairs on their front porch, back in the day, as are now present.  Only, their chairs were probably not bolted down in a perfectly aligned straight row.

Still, I liked the repetitive nature.

Each day, as I walked back hobbled back to my hotel room, my eye was drawn to the row of lights, shown below.  Finally, I stopped to compose a shot.

The stairs to an upper eating area at a restaurant in Union Station had a stairway that appealed to me.  The ceiling did, as well.

Union Station had numerous photo ops.

Okay, so, actually, this isn’t really a tip.  It’s more like an assignment… for your eyes. 

This week, train yourself to begin noticing repetitive objects, then snap a couple shots.  Change your focus.  Crouch down, or get on a higher plane when taking the picture. 

If you want, create a line of objects and practice at home.  You could line up your son’s Hot Wheels, or your daughter’s favorite Webkins or Barbie dolls.  What about your own shoes, or your husband’s collection of golf balls…. the sky’s the limit.   

Have fun with this little assignment! 




    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Thanks, Miz Booshay! I appreciate the compliment even more, because I love your photography and always learn from you… I’m still learning, everyday.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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