Birthday Boy….um, I mean Dog.

Today, we celebrate the birthday of our third child.   Our dog, Bear.  Who has moved out of his terrible twos and plopped firmly and squarely into his terrible threes.

Now, I am not so crazy as to think he’s one of us, human, but he certainly thinks that’s the case.  Bear believes he has equal billing with his older human brothers.  Somedays, he does.  Like today.

ThrillCam and the boys gave Bear to me for Mother’s Day, three years ago.  They wanted to name him Tator Tot.  I refused.

I remember reading somewhere, before acquiring Bear, that male Labs are far more needy than female Labs.

The article implied that male Labs need to be by your side 24/7, whereas, female Labs can check in, see where you are, leave the room and sleep wherever is most comfortable, even it’s in another room.

In other words, females Labs are more secure, they have a better sense of who they are.  They like being in their own skin..uh..fur.

Bear is a little needy.  A little insecure.  A little dopey, goofy.

But, Bear is a good dog…even with his odd behaviors and idiosyncracies…like barking and chasing dragonflies out of our backyard (he’s very territorial); chasing any bright or shiny light, even if it means smashing his face into a wall or piece of furniture, over and over again;  or yapping  and panting heavily anytime I pick up my camera…. (I know what The Dog Whisperer says about this kind of behavior–Bear’s unstable state of mind and how I am to be the Pack Leader and snap him out of it–and one day, I’ll write a whole discourse on why I do not possess a “calm and assertive N-R-G,” but because today is Bear’s birthday, we won’t go there.  This post is about HIS bad behavior, not mine.)

So, how did we celebrate, this morning, the morning of his birthday?

Nothing too terribly out of the ordinary, honestly. 

He chewed on his gargantuan cow leg bone and I scratched his tummy a little longer than usual this morning.

I think I may take him for a car ride, later today, to celebrate.  He’ll love that.

Happy birthday, Bear!


P.S. I’ve linked to Hillary’s Favorite Fridays.  Take a moment to visit her site, as well.  (



    • Elizabeth Simmons

      You are correct, Kim! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Bear appreciates the birthday wishes, as well! 😉

  1. Rebekah

    Happy Birthday to Bear! He looks like a sweetie and reminds me of my Reese that I posted about last week as my Friday Favorite.

  2. Hillary @ The Other Mama

    Happy Belated Birthday to Bear! What a cutie-pie! And I don’t follow any of that dang dog whisperer guy’s stuff.
    (Thus the reason I’m getting rid of one of my dogs, but I didn’t say that.) I say let it slide for his birthday!
    Great pictures!!

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