I Want One of These in My Living Room

While in New Orleans, I visited the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Along with my youngest hooligan, and my uncle, we stopped by for a few hours while touring the city.

Some of my favorites in the aquarium included the Seahorses (Did you know they are actually fish?) and the Jellyfish (Did you know that you should NOT pee on yourself if stung by a jellyfish?…Sorry for writing “pee,” and for debunking that myth.)

But, I’ve decided I need one of these in my living room….

I mean, really….wouldn’t that be the coolest thing, ever?! A gigantic aquarium in your living room?! I might never have to hear the Sponge Bob Squarepants or ESPN opening songs, ever again.

…just pure, uninterrupted quiet and tranquility, and bliss, and awesomeness, with huge, enormous fish swimming around.

The stress is leaking out of my body as I sit and ponder this.

I’m going to ask ThrillCam right now. I’m sure he won’t mind a gi-normous aquarium with sharks and sting-rays swimming in our living room.

He’s cool like that.




  1. Desiree

    these are so cool! I like how he became a silhouette. and i think the one with the sting ray swimming by like that is the coolest thing I’ve seen!

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Thanks, Desiree!! I am glad you stopped by!

      To achieve these shots, I exposed for the water, not my son. The room was dark, but there was a lot of light coming from the fish tanks, so I pointed my camera, first, toward the water, then re-composed, taking the shot.
      I might just use this as my Monday Photography Tip!

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