Photo Frames

Remember when I posted this picture of my friend Andi and her daughter? 

Remember that I was playing around with some new frames?  Remember how I said the one shown above was the first frame I chose to work with?

Well, my sister wrote me an email, after reading my post that day, saying she didn’t like the frame I picked out.  She said it made Andi look like she had horns coming out of her head.  She said I should quit picking frames and stick to what I know, like picking my nose.

Of course, I threw my shoe at the computer, breaking my monitor, and then screamed names at her (email),  like “You Silly English K-Ni-Ght!”  [Name the movie.]  

Needless to say, it was not a pretty sight.

Eventually, I took a deep breath, untwisted my panties, and realized she was right. 

To be honest, even before my sister pointed it out, I realized the frame I used made Andi’s hair look like the top of a Dairy Queen dipped cone.  Or two.  I had just hoped no one else would notice.  Or, I at least hoped, that no one would actually write me an email pointing it out…

You see, I write this blog solely for the purpose of having nice people write nice comments to me.  I reject the nay-sayers and replace them with only goodness and light.

Soon after that dark and dreadful day, I decided to use Andi’s picture to play around with again.  Because, even with Diary-Queen-Double-Dipped-Cone-Hair,  Andi and her daughter are beautiful (inside and out). 

This time, though, I played with textures and stamps…and I removed the frozen diary treat from Andi’s head…

(Watch my sister email me to say how Andi  has writing all over her forehead…that she looks like a graffiti wall at a Paris Post Office…)  I like it, by golly.

Ohhh, I like that one, too!

Truthfully, Andi and her daughter don’t need all the textures and frames–they’re beautiful without it all.  But, I sure had fun trying new things on and around their pur-ty faces!

Thanks, Andi, for being my unsuspecting  test subject.  I love you and think you (and your sweet daughter) are wonderful, delightful, and beautiful–with or without the Cone Head.

Make someone smile, today,




  1. Andi Knight

    Hey, you! I’m having a major anxiety attack because I left my phone in a friend’s car tonight, so I didn’t get a chance to listen to your voicemail! I LOVE the picture! I think someone told me that it looked like my hair was on fire! …But, I didn’t know what they were talking about. How funny is that???? You are so sweet! I love you, special friend.

    miss andi

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