One of those weeks….

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

You know, when the laundry piles feel larger than most mountain ranges?  And, it just sits there, glaring at you, pleading with you to do something with it…. I despise looming, glaring, sissy-baby laundry.

Have you had one of those weeks, you know, when there’s no distinction between the “clean” dishes in the dishwasher and the “dirty” dishes on the counter? 

Are they clean?  Are they not?  Oh, who cares?  …I’ll just scrap this little, tiny speck off and use it again…We all share some of the same germs….Surely… Don’t we?  Well, even if we don’t, if something sits there for over 24 hours, that means all the bad germs have died off, right?  Right?


Ever had one of those weeks, you know, when your trash can heaps the guilt on you as it screams, “Mom didn’t cook a thing this week!!!”? 

Yep.  That’s been my week.

BUT, the good news?  I get to clean it all up and start over.  I get a do-over. 

What about you?  How’s your week going?  Do you feel right at home in my photos?  Or, are you having a more organized and less hectic week? (I hope the latter for you.)

So, I guess I’m off to clean house and do the laundry!  I’m ready for my do-over!

I think… 

I mean, it sure is pretty outside…




  1. Angela Chmylak

    Too dang funny! And yes, I can relate. I love this quote from Joan Rivers – “I hate housework. You do dishes, do laundry and six months later have to start all over again.”

  2. Annette Bruce

    You’re a brave woman for sharing those photos! I personally have given in to the laundry monster. It is impossible to slay…so we have made peace with one another!

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