“You’s Was Robbed, I Tell Ya! You’s Was Robbed!

I first heard that phrase from my college roommate, Marcy.

(That was our very first day to meet one another–this picture deserves its very own post, don’t you think??  Don’t even get me started on the fact that my hair was high–in more ways than one–on Aquanet…)

Anyway, if I remember correctly, Marcy told me they would say that in her college P.E. class…bowling.  See, if you missed a strike by one pin, or if you got an outright gutter ball, or whatever the situation, her classmates would yell, “You’s was robbed!!”

It’s a funny phrase to pull out every once in while.

Okay.  So, fast forward to the other day. 

I’s was robbed! 


And for those of you who know me well, you know that this isn’t the first time our family has been robbed….

Yes, my car was broken into a couple of nights ago.  But, I must admit, I left my car doors unlocked.  I normally never do that, but in a moment of unclear thinking, I forgot.  (I blame it on the NyQuil I’ve been slamming back each night while my body fought off some kind of something… Whatever the reason, it was a lapse on my part.) 

Honestly, my neighborhood is actually very safe.  But, recently, there has been a rash of vehicle break-ins–all unlocked cars. 

Fortunately, though, nothing of great value was taken, just some change and a DVD holder full of movies….  The last time we were robbed was back in the Fall of last year.  ThrillCam had taken my vehicle on an errand and the thieves smashed out the little side vent window and stole his laptop, along with some money–in broad daylight, while being videotaped on the surveillance camera.  (Didn’t do us any good; the police couldn’t make out the license plate.) 

Of course, we had to go through all the hassle that comes with having something stolen from you; changing passwords, calling the credit card company, giving a report to the police, wracking your brain to remember what you might have missed in case the criminals decide to hack into the computer and steal your identity…. The list goes on.

About two months after the laptop was stolen from my vehicle, ThrillCam and I had gone out for lunch–again, broad daylight, in a crowded parking lot–and someone broke into his truck while we were inside eating.  This time, as we raced home, we contacted our police department to ask if they check on the house.  They had taken a house key, the garage door opener and our sons’ fishing licenses with our address printed on them. 

Again, the hassle of changing codes, locks, and a few nights of restless sleep.  Although, in that particular case, we figured we lived too far away from the restaurant and the Interstate for the thieves to bother with us anymore.  They probably just ditched the keys, the licenses and garage door opener and kept the tools….

We honestly just feel snakebit.  You know? 

Are we just that easy of a target? 

Do we just have the word, “Sucker” written on our foreheads?

At first, I said no.  At first, I just believed it was purely coincidental that we’ve been hit so many times in the past few months. 

But, then yesterday afternoon, after a lot of soul-searching, I finally, finally saw why we have been robbed so many times…


I’d like to go back to the “Kick Me” signs, please….


P.S.  While ThrillCam and I don’t like having our stuff stolen, we always come back to the fact that, in the end, it’s just stuff…. As a good friend of mine used to say, “You can’t take it to heaven.”   And, it’s true.  My peeps are far more important to me than any stuff I can buy.

Honestly, I wrote this post to be funny, not to complain.



  1. Sherri Rogers

    It is SO WEIRD that you two have been robbed so many times!!! I just can’t understand it. I truly cannot count the number of times it has happened to Cameron, but it has never happened to me. Unexplainable…

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I know!!! I just don’t get it. But, my guess is those signs we wear on our backs…. Maybe it won’t happen to us now that I’ve removed them! 😉

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Just be sure to lock your doors. Another one of our neighbors’ car was broken into the next night, after mine. It, too, was unlocked. I’m assuming it’s kids on bikes hitting the neighborhood in the middle of the night.

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