Take a good, long look at my competition…

It’s me versus the tomato.

It’s me versus the Topsy-Turvy.

(If you’ll recall last summer’s “success” with the Topsy-Turvy… )

I’m giving the crazy contraption a second chance.

(I’m just now noticing the extremely poor soil conditions I’m placing all my tomato hopes and dreams in….Yikes.)

Surely, surely, this will be the year of a bumper crop of tomatoes grown upside-down in the amazing Topsy-Turvy!!

Surely, surely, I’ll have oodles and bunches of these big, red beauties:

If, though, for some odd and inexplicable reason my Topsy-Turvy lets me down, yet again, I do have a back-up plan.

The Rightsy-Upsy-Pot!

I’ll keep you posted on how this saga plays itself out.


P.S. Hey, go check out Hillary at The Other Mama!  I’ve joined in on Friday Favorites!



  1. Rachel @ Crazytown

    Haha, I had a tomato plant last year that only gave me 2 green tomatoes, and not good ones and took all summer to produce. I’m not sure if I’m up for it again this year. I’ll probably just beg and plead for my friends to gimme some of their bumper crop gardens.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Sounds like you and I might need to attend Tomato Farming School…. :))
      Thank you, so much, for stopping by and commenting!

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Hey, Jen!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I hadn’t thought about the deer issue… I, obviously, did not have good luck with the T-Turvy last year, but I’m determined to make it work this year!!!! You should join me in trying it out–we could follow each other’s progress or lack thereof! 😉

  2. LizzieV

    Hi! I’m visiting from The Other Mama. I feel for your dilemma. I can kill herbs, and those are just weeks someone decided to cook with. On the other hand, I have a friend with two “green hands” who grew up-side-down tomatoes out of her used kitty litter buckets. Sigh.

  3. Regina

    If you need a plot of land dug…. call my dog!! I have tried for years to garden. This year, I have given up…. I am anxious to see how the upside down tomato thingy goes!!

  4. Angela Pea

    Hopping over here from Hillary’s Friday Favorites – I’ll be back to check the progress of the Topsy Turvy vs. the Upsy Righty tomatos. I’ve always wondered if they really work.

    Thank you, too, for visiting Keeping the Faith and your lovely comments.

  5. Hillary @ The Other Mama

    I think this reads like a Dr. Suess book and I love it!
    I love to eat tomatoes, but have never grown them. I’ve never grown anything really, except weeds, so I’m really envious of people who get it! I’ve got to try soon, though. Those toms look super delicious!! Keep us updated!

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