Monday Photography Tip: Photography Books

  • Hey, y’all!  
  • Let’s just jump right in.

    There are so many photography books out there, it can be a blur…

    So, this week, I want to tell you about a couple good photography books that I’ve found. 
    As I go down the list, I’ll lead up to my favorite-favorite.  How’s that?
    1.  Digital Photography for Dummies  This is good overview book.  It actually touches on a ton of information, in a simple-to-understand manner.  

    (I just realized that I did not take a picture of the front of this book!  It’s in the first picture, above, upper right corner–I blurred the picture, for effect, but now wish I hadn’t…sorry!)I actually picked up this one at Half-Price Books, which, by the way, is a great place to find good, used photography books.  Because, as we all know, new books, even with soft covers, can be expensive.  I grabbed Digital Photography for Dummies for a little over $12.  

    Edit: My mother, who is a librarian, reminded me that the library is a super place to pick up photography books!  You can peruse their pages, feel them, read them, but do not highlight them!  Then, if you like them, you may purchase them! 

    Thank you, Mother, for the reminder.

    2.  How to Photograph Absolutely Everything by Tom Ang.  Mr. Ang, a world-renowned photographer, has, needless to say, much insight and a keen eye.  I picked up this book at Barnes and Noble and paid full price ($25.00) for it.  I wish I hadn’t, though. 

  • Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a beautiful book and does give decent, although limited, instruction; each topic is so quickly touched upon….

    When I purchased it, I was drawn to the small boxes of information featured with each topic–Mr. Ang tells you what settings on his camera he used.  This is very helpful.  But, to be honest, I didn’t think the book was in-depth enough for what I was looking for….It is geared more toward the owner of a Point and Shoot camera.  So, you might find it to be exactly what you need, so I wanted to show it to you.

    3. Digital Sports Photography

  • This next book is one that I picked up specifically for the purpose of improving my sports photography.  If you think you might find yourself drawn to taking action shots, this book is helpful.
  • The following book was another good purchase. 
  • 4.  The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2Scott Kelby is known, mostly these days, for his fantastic Photoshop tutorials.  You should visit Scott’s blog

    The book I purchased is actually Volume 2 in a 3-volume series.  Honestly, I really should purchase the other two….

    While each page touches on a topic briefly, for some reason, I feel like his tips are very helpful and informative.

    Throughout Volume 2, Scott discusses and suggests camera equipment and quickly describes its purpose and use.  

    I believe you can purchase all three books, combined, for a little over $40.oo at either or Barnes and  (I always look in the Used/Bargain sections on these websites before purchasing books at full price.) 

    The last two books I’d like to tell you about are from the same author, Bryan Peterson.

  • 5.  Understanding Shutter Speed
  • 6.  Understanding Exposure 

    Understanding Shutter Speed is a great book, but it should be not be your first purchase.  It has helpful explanations and photos showing how to use your camera in the Tv (Shutter) Mode.

    For example, it explains the difference between achieving crisp water splashes versus a softer feel.

    But, again, Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure does a great job in explaining how to achieve proper exposures with your camera, when shooting in something other than the Automatic Mode.  I highly recommend this book!

  • If you are going to purchase one book and one book alone, then go with Understanding Exposure.(I just looked on and noticed Mr. Peterson has a new edition of this book being released in August of this year.  Understanding Exposure  You can pre-order the book for a little over $17.oo.  But, that means you have to wait until August.  If you don’t want to wait, just get the last edition–and, yes, I bet this book is sitting on the shelves of your local Barnes and Noble, Borders, or wherever you shop for books.)

    …As you can see, I’ve highlighted and marked all over my copy.  In fact, after pulling it back out for this post, I’ve decided I’m going to go back through the book again.  I might pick something up that I missed the last time I read it. 

    I hope this helps some.  I know there are some really great books out there, and you may have one that is better than what I’ve listed.  So, by all means, please write a comment and tell others about your favorite photography book.

    What’s your favorite photography book and why?

    Happy Reading!


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    1. shutterboo

      I have #2 – I don’t like it that much. I get distracted because there’s so much in there and I end up just looking at the pretty pictures.

      And I have #6 – my favorite photog book and the one I recommend. I love that Peterson includes homework to make you get out and try it. I’ve flipped through it many times.

      Excellent post – it can be overwhelming after seeing how many books are out there. 🙂

    2. Mom

      Have you thought about suggesting your local library? Your friends could check out the books and see if they want to invest in them. This, of course, precludes hot pink highlighter… Just a plug for National Library Week, which was just last week.

      • Elizabeth Simmons

        I should have said that!!! But, now I don’t have to, because you did.
        Thank you, Marian-the-Librarian!

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