Have you ever had a moment when you were so proud of someone you could pop?

ThrillCam and some of the men from our church took on a challenge, recently. 

They competed in a triathlon!

 It was such a foreign concept to me, I didn’t even know how to spell triathlon before they participated. 

I’d heard of such nonsense as swimming…

and, biking….

and running….

But all at once?!  One right after the other?!  What kind of crazy talk is that??  All I could think was, who’d want to torture themselves like that, on purpose??  (I am, at present, breaking out in a rash just thinking about it.)

Our neighbor, Scott, came up with the hair-brained idea.  “Why don’t we compete in a triathlon?”

It was like he asked them while carrying a tray full of little cups…. They all drank the Kool-Aid. 

And then, with glazed looks and crazed smiles, they all said, “Okay.”   

Suddenly, ThrillCam and the other guys were being spotted at the gym, working out!

They were seen riding bikes.

It was not uncommon to see one of them running alongside the street.

Conversations were strangely filled with talk of shin splints and Ben Gay.

Sweating for a good reason.

These guys decided that not only would they get into better shape, they could also raise money for a family in our neighborhood–single mom, unemployed, with three boys.  She’s a hard worker and is trying hard to provide for them after her husband died.  It’s a sad story, but at the same time, it’s a story of perseverance, hard work, and faith.

These guys wanted to do something, anything.  Even if it meant getting off their butts. 

“Getting off our butts to help others get on their feet.”

Even if it meant sore, achy muscles. 

Even if it meant sporting a cute, little yellow swim cap…

(Apparently, the swim in the bay was the most brutal aspect of the whole experience.  It was extremely cold, windy, and, the waves were pretty rough.)

It was a thrill to see each one of them cross the finish line.  They each, rightfully so, had a sense of accomplishment on their faces. 

(And, a sense of relief that the dad-gummed thing was over!)

Proud doesn’t really describe how I feel about these guys.

I can’t wait to show you some more from this event.   Please be sure to either subscribe (link over to the right) or check back in–you won’t want to miss some of the funny and heart-warming happenings during this event.

Stay tuned!




  1. Diane

    They are all Angels sent from Heaven! All I could think watching the swim was…these guys are doing this for us…I am so blessed and honored that the Lord put each one of them and their families in our lives. I am truly blessed that it is hard to even put in words exactly how I feel without crying. They are truly THE BEST!!!!!

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      No…you would have been even MORE shocked if your SISTER-IN-LAW had competed!!!

      I know…wild, huh? They all did a great job. Now, unfortunately, he’s trying to get me to start working out. Ugh.

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