Happy Day!

If you’ve actually returned to read this silly blog, then you probably already heard about my husband participating in a triathlon.

Not exactly how I would personally choose to spend my free time, but, to each their own.

I, of course, took my camera to mark this monumental occasion. 

I focused, mainly, on the 7 guys from our church who partook of the self-inflicted torture. 

But, every so often, a stranger would capture my attention and I couldn’t help myself.  I had to take their picture.

Like this man… 

Captivating.  Happy.

He caught my eye as I was waiting for our guys to finish up the brutal swim in the cold, rough bay.

Sidenote: Every one of the guys who participated in the triathlon said the swim was the hardest part of the whole event.

It really was rather disconcerting to see the Coast Guard out there…circling, watching…prepared if any swimmer couldn’t make it….

Honestly, it was a long and arduous task that lay ahead of the swimmers.  The water was unbearably cold, it was windy, which caused the waves to come in fast and furious, and on top of all of that, it was salt water; apparently, it was hard to catch a breath of air without gulping down the salty sea.

(Can you see those tiny, little specks in the water–to the left, in the photo below?  Those specks are the swimmers.  Yuck.  You wouldn’t catch me out there, even if you threw a block of jalapeno jelly covered cream cheese in the water to entice me…and mama loves her some jalapeno jelly covered cream cheese…but, it just wouldn’t happenNo way, no how.  I was quite content standing on the shore taking pictures.)

 Anyway, this sweet grandpa came up and out of that frigid water as though he had battled and conquered a dragon.  He must have known it was all downhill after that.

He came.  He saw.  He conquered!

He was victorious! 

Oh, man, is he happy!  And because he’s happy, I’m happy!

I sure hope your day is this good!

Be victorious today,



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