Auntie Em!! Auntie Em!!

I know you’re probably getting sick and tired of reading about the triathlon, but there were some really great moments throughout and I just find myself needing to share…  This is the last, I promise. 


So, along with the coast guard out in the bay, there was also a helicopter, ready, God forbid, to carry the triathletes to an area hospital.  (I asked them if they could fly me home after the triathlon, especially since no one needed a lift to the hospital.  I mean,  it wore me out to watch all those competitors swimming, biking and running.  Mama needed her rest and she didn’t really want to walk all the way back to her car… The pilots didn’t want to take me.  Something about tax dollars, waste of gas, and you’re crazy, lady…I don’t know.  I quit listening.  Meanies.)

If you’ll notice, above, the clouds were darkening as the triathlon was wrapping up.  There was a storm moving in, and I guess because of the lightning, the pilots decided they needed to move the helicopter out of the area.

It was a sight to see as this machine crank up and slowly lift off the ground.

Unfortunately, though, just as the helicopter was taking off, our good friend Blake was rounding the corner for the finish line.

The kids joined Blake, just like the other dads, but suddenly, it became harder to cheer… Basically, it was harder to breathe.

Like the salty sea water that splashed into the mouths of the triathletes as they swam in the bay, the air was unmerciful as it whipped up the dust and trash.

Without warning, Blake and his support system were engulfed by the biting, stinging bits of sand and dirt.

Why, it was a swirling dervish of anger!                                          [ Name that movie.]

They could barely see the finish line, much less the ground they were running on.

Oh, my eyes! My eyes!  I can’t see!   I can’t see!!!


Keep… going… Mr. Blake!…  You can do it!…



If you’re still there, Mr. Blake, keep going!

*gasp, gasp*  

You… can … *cough, cough*  … do …it! 


Go, man, go!


Mr. Blake?  Mr. Blake?  Where are we?  What’s happening?  I can’t feel my face anymore! 

I want my mommy!!!

DUUUUDE!! that was sick! 

Then, almost as quickly as the wind storm whipped up, it began to dissipate.


And, soon, Blake’s cheerleaders dusted themselves off, wiped their eyes, and found their composure. 

They could, once again, focus on the job at hand.

Go, Mr. Blake!! You’re doing awesome!  Keep going!  Almost there!  Woohooo!!

Love it.

This is one of those moments that I will forever hold in my heart….Those kids, as a collective group, cheering and supporting their dads as they hit the home stretch….never stopping… even when they, themselves, were being pelted and whipped by swirling, painful winds…. 

It was inspiring….

(and really rather humorous)

I hope I can learn from their example,



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