Monday Photography Tip: Oops…

So, here it is late Monday night, and no photography tip.  I’m sorry.

I have been up to my elbows in tweaking pre-Prom Portraits…

(low resolution, on purpose)

and these:

ThrillCam treated me to my very first crawfish of the season!!  I was in hog heaven!  (Or, should I say, “Mudbug” heaven?!)  My lips burned for a good thirty minutes after lunch.  They were that spicy and that good!  (had to snap a picture with my phone to commemorate the occasion)


Speaking of phone-cameras…

So, this morning, I wrapped up the last of the pre-Prom photos and had to jump in my car for a quick trip to the country.  I was halfway to my mother’s when it dawned on me how dumb it was that I didn’t bring my camera. 

But, thankfully, I had my phone.  Remember the tip I gave to you about using your phone-camera?  Well, I whipped mine out this evening because, I am happy to report, the bluebonnets are still hanging in there!  I was worried they’d be gone by the time I got here this week, but thankfully, they are still waving in the wind!

I wish this was Smell-A-Vision…Oh, how sweet they smell…

It was extremely windy when I got here, today, so the pictures are more blurred than usual, even for a phone-camera.

And, yes, I punched up the colors on these photos with my iPhone app, Best Camera.

Again, I apologize for not posting a Tip.  I will strive to get one up this week, hopefully.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?



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