I am so sorry for not writing much this week! My photography business has been keeping me on the busy side, which is a good thing for my business. Bad thing for my blog.

Anyway, I wanted to give you an update on my Tomato “situation.” I actually find myself whispering that phase, “tomato situation.” It’s as if I say it out loud, it will curse my chances of having a successful “crop” of tomatoes. I also whisper “crop” to be on the safe side.

My (whisper with me) “crop” consists of two plants. That’s it. One is planted in the contraption, the Topsy-Turvy, while the other tomato plant is in a pot. I didn’t even put them in the ground….

But….I’m excited to announce: I have TWO baby tomatoes!!

So far, the pot “crop” (should I have put that in writing???) is faring better than the Topsy-Turvy “crop.”

I have pictures!

I took pictures with my iPhone, and am posting this via the same said phone, so my pictures will be at the end of this post. It’s proof that the tomato plants are still alive and thriving! Much like my hips and thighs, they are expanding and growing!

Join me in celebrating, early!!

By the way, before I sign out, I promise to be better at posting next week.



One comment

  1. Heather

    I saw a Topsy Turvey Strawberry plant at CVS the other day and thought of you and your tomatoes! Glad to see they are doing better than last year!

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