‘Mater Report! ‘Mater Report!

I have tomatoes!!

Look at my babies!!  They’re so cute!!

They’re nestled in there, so warm and cozy….

It’s too bad, really.  Because, I must admit, all I’m thinking is, “Get. in. mah. belly!”

…A little salt, a little pepper….mmmm….so tasty.  So summer.

The great thing?…

The original two have tomato buddies!  Friends!

More yummy little tomatoes to salt and pepper and pop in my mouth!!

I can feel summer around the corner, I can….

Oh.  Yeah.

The Topsy-Turvy you ask?

That’s it.  Sorry excuse for a tomato plant.

Well, at least it isn’t dead yet, I guess.  But, it’s showing zero signs of wanting to even consider growing a tomato.  The plant itself is growing.  Up.  Not down.  Not fuller.  Not one single little flower or fruit.

Stupid Topsy-Turvy.

And to think I considered purchasing the Topsy-Turvy Hummingbird Plant grower-thingy….



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